About Pride of Rodina

I have been a gamer and hobbyist ever since I was born (but seriously, I'm not pulling any legs here). I only recently entered the world of tabletop gaming and wargames/skirmish games through Warhammer 40,000 in 2006. After a sad and long breakup process, I fell in love with Infinity in 2013 and have since then dedicated my hobby time to it. I have absolutely no regrets about this choice either.

This blog is a sweet love child of mine combining my past blogging experience with my great passion for Infinity and most importantly, Kazaks! Don't worry, there will be other things too, but primarily Kazaks. After almost a year of being in service, the blog has picked up enough momentum to attract other authors too. No longer is the Pride of Rodina (Kyle) alone on his quest to furthering the public's knowledge on Infinity and how great Kazaks are! As a team, we strive to deliver quality articles discussing a wide range of topics all relating to 'Infinity the Game' by Corvus Belli.

Pride of Rodina (the author and owner of the blog) is also a contributor for Midwest Wargaming, so come check them out for a wide coverage of things and a double whammy of Pride of Rodina!

There's also an official Facebook page for the blog. If you want to stay in the loop, this will be your go to source!

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  1. Good day comrades! My name is Josh Hill. Word on the street is that you will post Infinity fan fiction. I have a novella length story that i think people would enjoy. How can i submit this story to the hallowed halls of POR?