List of Blog Comrades

Here you can find the list of all of our comrades' blogs, fighting the good fight out there, spreading the sweet love of Infinity, straight to you:

Straight Outta Caledonia by Peter (aka Lilith on the forums)

A blog all about your Caledonia needs and adventures of Peter as a WarCor in Leeds. He also writes some excellent articles about general tactics in Infinity and some stellar product reviews.

Under Bourak's Sun by Freddie

A new Haqqislam player's adventures into Infinity that discusses in-depth tactics. It's brand-spanking new, but Freddie is definitely cooking up a blog worth keeping an eye on. He writes some very excellent tacticas and advice pieces that even veterans could learn from. The depth of his articles is quite impressive. You can also follow him on Facebook, by clicking this link.

A Bordo de Corregidor by Gerardo (aka V6410 Aikas on the forums)

Do you like Corregidor? Gerardo is a professional meteorhead and lover of Corregidor, providing tactical advice, battle reports, painting WIPs, and unboxings. Just about anything to do with Corregidor, Gerardo's got your back! If you're on Facebook, you can easily follow him there (following this link) and see more than just his articles. He writes in Spanish, but also writes in English.

The Sword of Haqqislam by Scott Yanos (aka Envihon on the forums)

For the aspiring seeker of knowledge, Scott's blog is the place to go for anything dealing with or regarding Haqqislam. His current focus is on Vanilla, but he also loves Hassassins and will be writing quite a bit about Ramah, once it comes out. Scott also runs the Haqqislam High Command Facebook group, so check it out as well.

Straight off the Tabletop by Scott Dyer (aka Scottcd on the forums)

If you're looking to get your daily dose of Infinity, detailing all things about Infinity, then Straight off the Tabletop is the blog for you! Scott does everything from tactics to painting, with even some terrain pieces tossed in and product reviews. He also plays a few different factions, so Scott's got your back. He has a Facebook page, which you can find here.

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