Presenting the 20x20 Mission System (v.4)!

I am happy to present you my 4th version of the 20x20 mission system for Infinity. I am proud that 20x20 has become a bit of a staple for Infinity players around the world. For those who are not in the know, 20x20 is an alternative mission system to ITS. It is designed to facilitate play in casual environments, but the system has proven itself in tournaments as well.

20x20 offers a system of 20 primary and 20 secondary missions, allowing for 400 different ways to play the game. The narrative is not only designed to let the players immerse into the gaming world, but also make it easier to understand the scenario rules.

After I played some missions of the 9th season of ITS, I wondered whether there is still a space for 20x20 next to it. Many of the features of ITS that had motivated me to write 20x20 are gone. ITS season 9 plays up to one of the strengths of Infinity: the necessity to tailor your list according to the mission you play.

I then realized that there may be a need for a set of mission which does not put such an emphasis on just that. 20x20 allows players more freedom in their list building because issues such as specialists and Anti-Materiel weapons don’t play as much of a decisive role as they do in ITS. Rather than forcing players to include certain troopers, 20x20 merely rewards them for doing so. Players who don’t have the best list tailored to the task of winning a 20x20 mission still have good chances of doing so, I believe.

For version 4, I simplified the missions a little bit. Six primary missions and five secondary missions have been replaced with new ones.  Almost all of the remaining missions have been reworked to make the smoother, simpler and more fun. I also wanted to make sure that players do not need more than two civilians and two objectives each. The new scenario mechanics lets the troopers interact with the objectives more intensively than before and the civilians move, dodge and may even shoot now!

You can download the 20x20 Mission system here.

---Hendrik, a.k.a. Prophet of Doom

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