Thursday, October 7, 2021

Defending the Death Star Plans with Krennic

Krennic is probably one of my favorite Imperial commanders in Legion, but I find regularly that he doesn't get enough credit. I will admit, he's pretty 'meh' if you don't really utilize his strengths. He's 10 points more than Veers without the support that Veers can bring and the same price as Kallus without the strength that Kallus can bring. Instead you get some niche abilities and weird command cards, but if you play your cards right (literally), you can get some great use out of him.

Let's hunt down the Erso family, call in the Death Troopers, and deploy the garrison as we analyze how to get the most out of Krennic. We'll first be examining Krennic as a unit, then his command cards, and we'll intermix those two with synergies and list-building ideas.