Saturday, October 3, 2020

Getting the Most Out of Your ARC Troopers

Elite units of the Grand Republic Army, ARC Troopers are one of the deadliest operatives the clone army has at its disposal. Of course, in Legion, that's still the case. ARC Troopers fill some much needed niches for the Clones and really help fresh them out. Adding Strike Teams, unique heavy weapon upgrades, and their first Special Forces options, you honestly can't go wrong by adding them into the list. 

Rex and the boys getting ready to defend the Republic

However, how should you equip them and how do you even utilize their full potential? Well, wonder no more as that's the purpose of today's article! We're going to dissect everything the ARC Trooper box brought for the Republic, including Echoes and Fives. This unit brought a lot of awesome content to the Republic, so let's not waste anymore time and get to work....