Tuesday, September 15, 2020

(OLD) Breaking Down the Order Posses

Are you a fan of the order in WWX, but you're not quite sure which posse fits your needs? There's the  resilient, heavily armored and armed "Divine Intervention" posse as well as the quickness and portal shenanigans of the "Portal Vanguard" calling your name from the other side. Of course you've got poor uncle Horst's "Host of the High Sircan" with waves of unnamed mooks and lastly there's the generic Order posse so you can put together all of your favorite Order models in one posse (of course, with only one Boss). 

Today's subject: The Order, second from the left

What's the strength and weakness of each, you ask? Well, don't you worry, that's the point of today's article! We're going to dissect the differences between the four posses as well as discuss who can join each posse and what they bring. Most importantly though, we're going to give poor old uncle Horst some much needed attention. Unfortunately we're not going to dive too deep into tactics for how to play each posse for the sake of brevity. Those will come later, but for now, let's figure out what posse or posses work best for you