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Tactics: Getting to the Core of Acontecimento

Fireteam Core Options for the

Shock Army of Acontecimento

Acontecimento Regulars

As a Fireteam the Acontecimento Regulars are a source of strength and intense frustration. Although they perform the role of light infantry team in Acontecimento, they have an unusual set of weapon and equipment options for that purpose, as well as SWC costs which vary from the standard.

Most notable here is the Spitfire instead of an HMG and the lack of a Missile Launcher option. Although these changes are well justified by their position within the setting, it does alter their tabletop performance in less than ideal ways. The Spitfire demands an advance in order to engage at ideal ranges and the lack of a Missile Launcher removes a strong ARO option. While the Sapper skill on the Multi-Sniper is useful, this is perhaps slightly less so in a Fireteam (although it can allow better use of limited cover) and particularly a team which will otherwise want to move up the table.

In terms of specialists the expected range is available, but once more shows wrinkles which add to the complexity of the overall choice. Firstoff the 0.5 SWC charge on the Forward Observer is unjustified (especially when compared to similar options within Haqqislam, who have even better access to forward deployed speculative fire weapons) and frustrating for a force who (like all of PanOceania) desperately need their SWC to be invested into firepower options to overwhelm enemy units that the army has no real options for avoiding. The Hacker/LGL is interesting, especially with the FastPanda, although useful as a package it again represents SWC tied up in a place many would not typically have spent it. The Hacker and Sensor/Minelayer do both continue the theme of close engagement however, adding additional close range utility and encouraging the Fireteam to advance on the enemy. These two options also leverage the key advantage of the Regulars over their Fusilier competition, their superior WP, and thus represent important additions. Of course, you can simply run the Paramedic option, not because you’ll ever heal anyone with it (PH being the other stat, alongside WP, in which PanOceania is particularly poor), but just because it gets you a button pusher in a link that’ll be moving up the table (in all likelihood) without it costing you any SWC.

The unique features of this Fireteam are the 0 armour, which makes them very crunchy/squishy/soft targets. Of course they did get something for that downgrade, and it’s their WP bonus which I’ve already covered and the Jungle Terrain rule. Like all terrain capabilities this is exactly as good as your tables let it be, although it IS fair to note that even less than ideal terrain impacts light infantry less than some other units. Still, the most common “non-standard” terrain is the kind that Jungle will allow you to mitigate and this does play into the mobile role which the Fireteam is encouraged towards in other ways. As "terrain" appears in ITS missions (like Rescue) this ability also becomes more useful.

Overall the Acontecimento Regulars Fireteam Core option is a strong one for Acontecimento sectorial players. It offers a great opportunity to upgrade a cheap group of cheerleaders into a legitimate threat on the tabletop. Although not ideally suited to the long range fire support role which similar Fireteams excel at, they can serve in this capacity where necessary and the Sapper ability on their Snipers can even make them quite effective when they do. The combination of their Spitfire, cheap LGL, good Hacker and the Sensor option as well as their Jungle Terrain ability gives a better option however. Acontecimento Regulars truly excel when used as a more aggressive Fireteam, advancing into the mid-field to contribute to the mission and engage and destroy enemy threats which stand in their way. When used in this capacity they can be truly powerful.


One of the first hurdles which Bagh-Mari have to overcome in the eyes of many Infinity players is their Medium Infantry status. Or, rather, the 4-2 move value which they have (mainly as a result of being Medium Infantry, though it is true that some MI have other values, and some units that are not MI are likewise restricted) as a result. Although this can be an issue for units which are expected to cover maximum ground as quickly as possible, or close range assault style units, I would argue that the Bagh-Mari would be poor choices for either role and that this “penalty” impacts on them less than it otherwise might.

Once that initial conceptual hurdle is overcome the most important aspect of a discussion of Bagh-Mari will be their special skills package. The combination of Mimetism and MSV1 along with the potential bonuses from a Fireteam create a powerful advantage in most firefights. Against the very common Camo units which are present on most Infinity battlefields they are as effective as a Swiss Guard, while bringing more wounds and a wider range of abilities to the field of battle. At the same time their three terrain skill options also help to mitigate the risk of their movement profile turning into a real disadvantage on some tables.

In terms of firepower, although their standard loadout includes the Light Shotgun and there are Boarding Shotgun and Assault Pistol loadouts available, the option to take HMG and Multi-Sniper as heavy weapons push the Bagh-Mari towards an “all ranges” role rather than up close and personal gunfighters. Leveraging PanOceania BS and these long range weapons, along with their firefight-defining special abilities package, Bagh-Mari can confidently reach out and eliminate enemy units in ARO at any point on the table as they advance.

With their above-average WP for a PanOceania unit the specialist options available to them, an Assault Hacker or Paramedic, can be effective tools for missions. The inclusion of D-Charges on the Number 2 Boarding Shotgun profile only adds another tool to the belt of this wide range package of options, both for Classified Missions and for property destruction and Assault Hacker CC-combo fun. Last but not least the Minelayer skill on the Multi-Sniper both adds utility to that option alone and brings another tool to the Fireteam, allowing them to assist in deployment defence and contribute to complicating the mid-field for your opponents.

Although no longer as essential as he once was (prior to HSN3 Bagh-Mari had only Availability 4 in Acontecimento, so you needed to add a 5th for your +3 BS) Lt Stephen Rao is a good option. Bringing an Assault Pistol (for active turn engagements in close against individuals) as well as enhanced stats (mostly irrelevant unless you take the Lt option) he doesn’t break the bank and puts something “else” on your list of options.

Their reasonable cost, wide range of skills and effective combat ability at all ranges make the Bagh-Mari a fantastic option to consider for a Fireteam Core. You might want to consider fast or forward deploying units to compliment them, for those games where losing 2” of move an order is going to make a difference, but they are well worth your consideration.

And they do have beautiful new models too!

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