Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Ariadna Wotan: Third Weekly Honors

Greetings comrades!

It's time to honor three more Ariadna commanders for their exceptional service out on the fronts of Wotan. This week we honor Hakuna, Deltakilo, and DestroyClocks

Hakuna is a true comrade and is always ready for defend Dawn and Ariadna. He always supports his fellow Ariadnans out on the field; providing encouragement and chanting warcrys to inspire us. He never disappoints and never lets us down. Not only does he support his comrades, he's also a mean fighting machine. He's out there going toe-to-toe with those who wish to see Ariadna perish. Hakuna is one of the truest comrades we could have out in Wotan and I am glad to consider him one of ours.


Deltakilo is quite similar to Hakuna; he's always there to support his fellow Ariadnans. He's out in the trenches boosting morale, posting memes to make us laugh, and does his duty to rate and commend excellent battle reports. Not only that, but he publishes some of the best dang battle reports I've ever seen! On top of that, look at his troops! You can tell he has high standards for himself and his troops. It's been my honor and pleasure to serve as High Commander alongside Deltakilo; a fine warrior, leader, and comrade.


DestroyClocks is another silent soldier serving within Wotan. You don't really much from them, but actions speak louder than words, that's for sure. Their reports are fantastic and they've secured more victories than your average Ariadnan! I enjoy reading DestroyClock's battle reports, as I can feel like I'm actually a part of them, a member of their USARF teams, following the actions step-by-step. Reading them give me the itch to play some more games, that's for sure!


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  1. I really believe in awarding such people who are struggler and hard workers whether they are in any of the field. This post has coincidently seconded what I believe.