Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Ariadna Wotan: Second Weekly Honors

Greetings comrades!

It's time to honor three more Ariadna commanders for their exceptional service out on the fronts of Wotan. This week we honor Cazboab, Shooter TSR, and Cabaray. Shall we begin?

Cazboab has been churning out reports like crazy since the campaign has started and doubly so this week. He's a true patriot to the Ariadna cause and has been supportive of our mission since day one. A veteran from Flamestrike, a High Commander, and avid member of the briefing room, Caz (as we sometimes call him), is a true Ariadnan at heart. We would be lost without his service and more so without the amount of points he provides Ariadna with.


Shooter TSR is a quiet commander. You don't really hear much from me, unless he's firing down the range with his weapon of choice for the day. He's the truest USAriadnan I've ever had the pleasure of meeting, as he's a local of mine, but he is a war machine when it comes to fighting and reporting. Not only that, but each of his reports has plentiful pictures that are easy to follow along with and excellent backstories. It's people like Shooter TSR who help push the front; no questions asked, but always happy to shoot some foes of Dawn and Ariadna. It's the folks like him that really push the Ariadna goals, the real boots on the ground.

As an aside, he owns every single Warsenal USARF template ever made. Yeah, he loves USARF and he'll be sure to tell you why you should too.


Cabaray is a monster, a butcher and I am very glad to call him a comrade. I would hate to meet him as an enemy, because I know he'd brutal beat me to a pulp, like he does every enemy of Dawn he meets. Not only does he have an incredible W/L ratio, but he also provides fantastic battle reports for every game he plays. He's by far the most notorious and infamous Ariadnan commader in Wotan and the same could be said for Flamestrike too. He's bee leading our troops to victory once again and I can say that I am proud to serve along him as High Commander.


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