Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Ariadna Wotan: Fourth Weekly Honors

Greetings comrades!

It's time to honor three more Ariadna commanders for their exceptional service out on the fronts of Wotan. This week we honor Arkhos94, Hazok, and Btrain Buchanan.

Arkhos94 is a monster when it comes to reports and winning. Folks seem to only think about a few high profile commanders when it comes to those within the Ariadna Wotan force, but it's folks like Arkhos94 that really bring glory to Dawn! Every report they have is exceptionally well done, the terrain is gorgeous (the occasional unpainted ones are exempt), they have beautifully painted troops and is an active force within our briefing room. It's commanders like Arkhos94 that win wars, not just battles, for factions.

Hazok may not win every time, but they're a brave comrade who never falters! Even though they don't win all the time, they still play with pride and dignity, plus writing up some really awesome battle reports! Not only that, but look at that table, it's fantastic! The battle reports are super easy to follow, they look great, and those models are gorgeous. If every comrade we had was as gracious in defeat as Hazok and as dedicated, Ariadna would be true heroes of the Sphere!

Btrain Buchanan is a true comrade. He's helped make videos for the Ariadna Wotan propaganda team (of which I'm also a member of), he is very active within our briefing room and secret Facebook group, and he always does an excellent job with his reports. He might not exactly get to play all the time and bring Ariadna a plethora of victories, but he's always supporting his comrades, helping them fight better for when he can't make the next operation. It's folks like him that really help make Dawn and Ariadna a glorious faction and I am very happy to consider him a comrade of mine.

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  1. A really cool game. Have played it zillion times with my younger sister. She is a crazy fan of this video game. Will love to read about it.