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"We have reports that the Combined Army has infiltrated Stygir-1. Be vigilant and don't hesitate to engage as soon as you see them. Watch each other's backs, in case they try anything sneaky," radioed the Pride of Rodina to his strike-team. "We can't let the Combined Army to gain a foothold in this area, even if we have to do the handiwork ourselves".

The Pride of Rodina was confident his team wouldn't fail. They've ran numerous operations against the alien scourge before and this one was no different. Just a simple sweep of the Stygir's internal habitat deck. Little did he expect what would happen next....

"Sir, this is lieutenant Viktor. We've made contact with a CA strike-team, should we engage?"

"Viktor, I want those aliens swept off the deck at all costs. Feel free to engage. Try not to shoot any civilians or PanOceania troops, got it?"

"Yes sir! Troops, Commander Artyom has given us the go, move into position and prepare for a fight! Commander, it seems we've reached a communication hub within the deck, what should we do?"

Artyom, the Pride of Rodina, pondered the possibilities. "Take them, lieutenant. They could provide us essential intel, in case PanO decides to turn on us. Eliminate the bugs and take those communication arrays as well. Good luck".

"Roger that commander, consider it done. Troops, did you hear the commander? Exterminate those aliens and get those arrays up and kicking. Everyone in position to engage?"

Veteran Kazak Boris replied, "yes lieutenant. I have sights set on two antennas; however, I see a civilian here, what should I do?"

"Blyat, keep sights on them! It could be one of those bug ladies trying to sneak up on us".

"Roger that, I'm on it", snapped Boris.

"This is Anna, I have sights on them too and my dogs are ready to eat some alien scum! They're in position on top of the roof, ready to pounce when they get the chance".

"Excellent, Anna. Crazy Ivan, you in position?"

"Da," replied Ivan "decoys set and Spetsnaz ready for a fight".

"Dmitry in position, my missiles are ready to rain death! No one gets past me, heh".

"Good, every hold and get read...Where the hell is Anatoly?! I swear if he's been drinking again!"

"Lieutenant," Boris stated, "I have visual on him....he appears to be drunk and he's trying to fraternize with the High Value Target. Should I retrieve him?"

Turn 1

As you can see here, I have lots of camo overlooking the table, but none with actual Line of Sight....Also, I'm headless.

"Fantastic. No, leave him, we don't have the time for this right now, because here they come!" The civilian hiding in the back corner of the operation zone reveals and begins opening fire onto the Dozer, a Mul, and Maverick FO. Luckily, the Dozer and Anna, the pack controller, survive.

"Anna, report!" bellowed Viktor.

"Don't worry about me, but we might want to get that Mul back up and running. Also, I think we lost the Maverick....Boris, can you get over here and patch him up?"

"Let me take the target out first. She won't last much longer," and as soon as Ivan finished, it opened fire again. "Target eliminated. Anna?"

"Yeah, I'm still here, but I'm afraid the Dozer ate it".

Already down three troops, Viktor knew Pride of Rodina was going to be upset with the results of this operation so far. "Shit. Keep your eyes on the front, we have hostiles moving in!" Hungries and Daturazi were moving closer, while the Speculo killer unleashed her flurries. "Dmitry, can you take them out?"

"I can't see anything, Viktor, where are they?"

"Dmitry! Your job was to set up shop to see the operation zone and eliminate any threats that near us, what are you doing?!"

"I...might have setup too defensively. I can't see anything."

"Great, Artyom is going to be pissed once he hears the mission briefing. Does anyone have sight on those buggers?!"

No one replied. The aliens moved forward, unopposed and claimed three antennas with little resistance.

"Anyone else hear that?"asked Boris.

"Yeah, I hear something. Sounds kind of like..." and with that a Fraacta dropped in to support the downed Speculo.

"Boris, Anna, deal with it!" commanded Viktor.

"Already on it, sir" replied Boris.

"I'm under fire! Can I get some support here?!" After the Fraacta's initial volley, Anna was able to deal a wound to the Fraacta and it shed its drop-armor.

"For Rodina and for the glory of Dawn!" Boris cried as he unloaded into the Fraacta. It was eliminated.

"Alright troops, it's time to move out! Pierre, I want those Hungries cleaned up. Dmitry, move so you can actually see something, eh? Boris, move up and secure one of the arrays. Mikhail, I want you to secure an array as well and if you can, eliminate a few targets along the way too, alright? I'd love to take out that ridiculous worm-thing as soon as possible".

Pierre the Chasseur moved forward and began unloading on the Hungries. He scored a few lucky shots and was able to eliminate the pair, allowing the rest of the team to operate freely. "Très simple," he muttered over the radio.

"Excellent job Pierre. Boris, Mikhail; you know what to do". Boris moved forward and eliminated a Daturazi and an E-drone, while securing the closest array to him.

Mikhail moved forward, "Lieutenant, I'm pinned down by the worm. Moving to engage". After two shots, the Med-Tech was taken out. "Target eliminated, securing array now".

Dmitry moved to the other edge of the building and noticed a sweet opportunity. "Viktor, I have sight on the Charontid, should I engage? He's slinging bullets down field, but I don't think he can hit me".

"If you think you can do it without ending up like the Mul, then you are free to engage".

"Excellent," he said eagerly. "Die cyka! No alien scum will conquer the Sphere!" Two successful wounds were placed on the Charontid. "Ha! Don't mess with a Tankhunter!"

"Lieutenant, how are things after the first phase of the operation?" asked Artyom.

Viktor replied, "P.O.R., some good news and some bad news. I know how you like bad news first, so here we go; three causalities on our side already".

Artyom was silent for a few minutes. "Can you still bring them home?"

"Yes sir. They're not dead yet, but the two troopers are in bad shape and the Mul is almost beyond repairable".

He was silent again. Causalities are his least favorite part of every mission and operation, especially if they were brother and sisters from Rodina."The good news?"

"Ah, yes sir. Good news is that we've secure three arrays and have almost annihilated the opposing force. Minus the causalities, we're making good progress".

"Keep up the good work, comrade. Remember, we're doing this for all of Dawn". With that lingering over the commlink, the Ariadna troops heard the screeching sounds of another jump-jet.

Turn 2

"Who has sight on that sound?! What's going on?" bellowed Viktor.

"Don't worry sir, it was a failed drop, by the sounds of it" replied Boris. "However, it seems that Speculo killer is back up. Knew we should have put her down for good. Anna, can you handle yourslef?"

"Yeah, I think so. I wasn't meant for direct combat, that's why I bring Antipodes! However, I've been doing well so far. Let's see where this luck can get me". The Speculo killer didn't stand a chance, Anna's lucky shots planted a bullet directly in its cranium. "Seems my luck isn't drying out anytime soon, ha!"

The aliens were severely crippled and forced to lick their wounds, especially with so few troops left alive. Ko Dali reared her ugly head though and placed herself into suppressive fire, with sight to several arrays.

"Woah, this robo-freak is taking some shots at me! Anyone else got a clear sight on it and help me out here?" Dmitry pleaded.

"Looks like it's all up to you, Dmitry, no one else can see it," Viktor reported. "Good luck...."

Dmitry said a prayer and loaded his missile launcher. He knew this was a crucial moment; his life and the team's was at stake here. BOOM! "Ha ha ha ha! Dmitry is still here and proud to be a Tankhunter! Nothing sounds quite as beautiful as the sounds of a successful missile blast!"

"You make Rodina proud, comrade, keep up the excellent work! Troops, the aliens are cowering now, so move in, eliminate them, and take those arrays!"

Boris moved up to secure another array, while fending off Ko Dali. Ivan eliminated the Speculo and Fractaa. Mikhail moved up to secure another array and defended his position with a few mines. Anna's pack moved forward to secure the center and keep the Combined away from the rest of the troops.

Turn 3/Conclusion

"Everyone in position? Just a little bit longer, get ready for their final push!" Viktor cheered to his troops.

"Sir, it seems the aliens are falling back. What should we do?" asked Boris.

"What? Artyom, what should we do?" Viktor had never seen the aliens retreat before and wasn't expecting them to flee the field.

"Pull out, extract. We don't want to be left here when PanO troops arrive and there are no more aliens around. Abort the mission and extract the injured. We were close to a successful mission, but this will suffice. We'll do better next time, troops."

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