Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Hobby Time: Summer Projects and The QK Challenge

Well like most of you, the combination of a slow (read: HOT) summer and work to do has slowed my more conventional gaming and painting to a crawl, but as I've been working on a few odds and ends, I figured this would be a great time to share a few of them with you so you can see what I've been up to :)

This will be a bit of a brief post, but there is something of an interesting announcement and some purty pictures, it's going to be a fun afternoon of reading! 

The Table!

First up, for our die-hard Ariadna fans, I have something awesome to share with you. This right here is my own lovely gaming table at home. As you’ll notice, this is far from the norm of a more typical “futuristic” infinity table, as instead I’ve themed it around a combination of some more typical Eastern European towns/cities, places like Pripyat, a bit of STALKER, a bit of the Fallen map (from CoD) and plenty of various abandoned/cold war influences.

Here you can see my fantastic supermarket, which as you can tell, is HUGE! Around the edges I have multiple story apartments/stores, and everything from a crashed helicopter (xmas gift from a friend) and a park to even little roadsigns, traffic cones, fences, jersey barriers, and floodlights to scatter round the table. 
The majority of the terrain is Sarissa Precision (the buildings) but the accessories are all TT combat (I’ll be buying more for them come fall) the mats are Urbanmatz (utterly perfect for these boards!) and the plastics are of course Secret Weapon Miniatures (who also do my bases). 

One of the things you’ll notice most though (given that it’s painted!) is my growing collection of little die-cast vehicles. Only the true slavs among you though will probably be able to identify that yes, every single one of these is an Eastern European/Russian make and model, with a Trabant, Lada, Moskvich and of course a fabulous T-90 all scattered around the table. They weren’t necessarily easy to acquire from abroad, but the good news is that they scale perfectly, won’t need painting, and clog up the streets quite nicely, giving you plenty of partial cover in a realistic setting.

Here’s a nice group shot of my growing fleet haha

And just some more general shots of the table, from a recent battle I had at home!  

Of course now I need a bus stop for that fabulous ZIL-118k…

As a hint of things to come, here is an apartment template that a friend is working up for me. 

The plan is to ultimately have something that is 3-4 stories tall, with staircases, a fire-escape, balconies off to the side and ideally, doors, windows, stairs... etc

Yes, that’s a REALLY big floorplan…

…but the idea is to create something like this when he’s done. Cool eh?


On the painting side, I worked on a couple of recent commissions actually, as gifts for my in-laws. As Serb Orthodox, it seemed only appropriate to theme one of the models as the patron saint of our family (St George) so using this image…

I created an inspired version of De Fersen. The writing on his left shoulder is Cyrillic for “St George”, the Orthodox cross is on his right shoulder, and of course the dragon ornament on his base represents the dragon he took down…

The other model was a request for me to paint up Voronin. Serbian mountain dogs (Sarplaninac) are particularly huge things:

So his pet seemed like a perfect template. Using my traditional Ariadna camo style with a few little details, I crafted something I was pretty happy with.

But finally, to tie both my board and painting projects together, I’ve been working on an absolutely MASSIVE terrain piece.

This is a full size Hind helicopter, and yes the scale is right. 

I’ve really only scratched the surface in painting this monster, but all the interior details are at least complete, so I can basically start putting him together.

Here are the pilots and cockpit

And finally, because I had to at least start painting one miniature of my own, below is my WIP (and conversion) of Knauf, who will likely be making an appearance at Gencon!

The QK Challenge!

Now onto the second part of my article – my exciting new announcement!

Over the last couple of years of playing infinity, I’ve played Ariadna (now fully painted bar Knauf above) and I’ve moved on to collect a lot of Pano (on my painting table at the moment). But there have also been a couple of other interesting acquisitions…

- Hello Ms. Drews! (Druze). Yes that will be the planned color scheme for this sectorial

Qapu Khalqi has been a sectorial I’ve been interested for a long time. It’s wonderfully mercenary, full of flavor, and has a bunch of exciting builds to try out. It may not be Ariadna camo shenanigans, but oh boy does it have plenty of tools and tricks of its own. One of our locals plays them, and while he’s moved on to play more Hassassins, I’ve always found them awesome and have created some amazing lists for them in the past. In fact, I always knew I’d play them eventually as a third faction.

But after picking up the Druze (above) for use as a Wardriver with some store credit, within a few months I managed to pickup both Icestorm (for my Pano) and the ITS winner pack (Scarface the pilot) as prizes at LVO. Slowly but surely, it seemed like I was collecting the makings of a small QK army, without having spent a penny! Not being one to want to break a trend, slowly an interesting challenge formed in my mind:

The Challenge:

Could I collect an entire QK army (300 pts, or more ideally, for 2 list ITS)… without spending anything at all?

The object of the challenge is to avoid spending real cash. I have a couple of spare models I can trade here (to fill in any gaps at the end, assuming somebody snatches them up) but otherwise I will either have to win my way there (store credit + prizes) or accept donations to try and collect an entire QK army.

But hey, that may take a while, so I came up with a cunning plan to both speed things along and foster a bit of community engagement. 

Once I’ve reached the goal, I’ll donate the $ value of that list (whatever it may come to) to charity!* :) 

Nevada has a lot of issues with its reading programs here in town, and as a tutor myself, while it’s nice to be able to help kids overcome this struggle and improve their reading proficiency, they could always use more help.

*Note I’m not remotely wealthy here, but worthy causes always deserve our support right? Think of it like a bizarre charity kickstarter and you wouldn't be far off! :)

So any spare Qapu Khalqi sectorial models you have that need a loving home, PM me and send them my way**. I’ll keep a running total of what we’ve received with updates, and I’ll be sure to do a special thank you for everybody who contributes. Not only will you get to see the army beautifully painted up here on the blog, but you’ll have mine and POR’s eternal thanks, and you get to help some wonderful children learn to read. Aww what a lovely idea eh?!

** You can reach out to me or POR to work out details, and both of us will be at Gencon this year and I'll be at LVO next year (plus I’ll be at Arizona Armageddon too) if you’d rather wait to give anything in person

Anyway that’s enough from me today, but I hope you enjoyed this little post and are enjoying a fantastic summer of your own working on some decent summer projects.     

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