Friday, June 30, 2017

Deep Thought: Pride of Rodina is Not so Proud

As many of you know, I attended Twinfinity a couple of weeks ago and as many of you don't know, I attended a local convention and played some more Infinity over the most recent weekend. I may call myself the "Pride of Rodina", but I made no one proud during these events...not even Rodina :'(
A very sad Spetsnaz
While I believe I maintained a fairly good amount of sportsmanship, I didn't put up much of a fight for any of my opponents. Dice were rolling cold and I made a fair amount of tactical boo-boo's. Out of the 14 games I played, I won only 3 of them. My lists were sub-par and I was not pleased with much of anything I did during these events. I won't go into the nitty-gritty details of it all, but I will spout out some of the lessons I've learned in hopes that others will learn from my mistakes:

Lessons Learned (Hopefully)

Playing a Game

  1. Make sure you read the missions before you start playing. Don't assume you know the mission and don't ask anyone to recant it to you. Read it for yourself. Don't worry about wasting your opponent's time, read the mission.
  2. Check LoS while deploying. Make sure ARO pieces can see what they want to see and make sure LoS can't be drawn to the things you don't want them to be drawn to. Don't worry about wasting your opponent's time checking LoS. 
  3. Get facings correct. Check how the model is facing and run a small little sample in your head of how the scene will go, with the current facing. Check LoS as well. Don't worry about wasting your opponent's time assuring your facings are correct.
  4. Noticed a theme yet? Don't worry about wasting your opponent's time. Do what you have to do to make sure you perform well. Your opponent will be doing the same things, so denying yourself those things is a disservice. I mean, don't spend 20 minutes checking LoS while deploying, but don't just drop a troop down assuming it sees more than it actually does.
  5. Gambling almost never pays off, it always hurts more than it helps. Play it safe and don't be dumb.

Building a List

  1. Read the missions and cater your lists to them as best as you can, as well as catering to classifieds.
  2. Not everyone plays on the same kind of tables as you, so make sure you take a suite of weapons to deal with all different ranges.
  3. Templates are mean, need to use more of them.
  4. Even if a list is mean and able to kill things effectively, doesn't make it a good list.
When playing ITS, reading the missions is important

     Personal Weaknesses

    1. I suck at supporting my troops and I'm really bad about rambo'ing them into oblivion. Sometimes need to use smoke to help out other troops and not just the smoke thrower. Just because someone is good at shooting, doesn't mean they're good at getting out of a pickle, so use smoke!
    2. I can't figure out an offensive Core for the life of me. I need to work on this.
    3. Impersonators and AD troops are super rad, but I suck at using them.
    4. I panic too much and I get sloppy. Need to focus on the mission and ignore my anxiety.
    I am sorry, for I have failed you, ol' faithful ones.


      For the Future...

      I'll be running little practice simulations to help shore up my weaknesses. I only get to play a few games every month, so any practice I can get in, even against myself, will be a big boon. My primary problem is not getting enough practice in; I know what to do, but I get too anxious and I goof up, forgetting how to play properly. I need to get more comfortable in a tournament setting and I need to work out strengths and weaknesses of my lists for given missions better. Theory-crafting only gets you so far, experience is the true king of Infinity.

      All in all, I had a lot of fun, got to meet some new folks and made some new friends. I also got to eat some delicious food, which is key. Plus, I got to play more games in these past few weeks than I have probably in the past year and I got to play 6 games with Vanilla Ariadna and 8 with Hassassins, so that was nice too. I've finally had my trial by fire with Hassassins and I've learned what I like and what I don't like, so I'll hopefully be getting better and better with them as I move forward.

      Hassassins surprisingly play very differently compared to my Vanilla Ariadnans, so it'll take some time and practice for me to finally feel fully comfortable with them. I know I didn't use them to their fullest and that'll be something I work on as I move along. With Vanilla Ariadna, I just need to make my lists to the missions, even if I hate the lists. As long as I play the mission, I shouldn't fret over the overall feel of it. Accomplishing missions is far more important than anything else in the game.


      1. Facing, facing, facing... yep, that shit kills me too. Well, I had the same analysis of you and also I think that I'm not very good. I only play Corregidor for the moment but I had the same errors and mistakes. Practice had helped me a lot and I will test all of this at the next tournament, which I'm aiming to get at least 2 victories.

        Keep working as I will continue too!

        1. Don't worry, I'll keep trying and going. I'm not a quitter, I'm the Pride of Rodina ;)

          My main problem is only getting to play at most two games a month, which clearly doesn't help me learn the game better. Oh well, hopefully someday I'll be able to get more games in.