Friday, June 2, 2017

Ariadna Wotan: Hunting Party Breakdown

+++Welcome to the Ariadna Wotan Mission Training holo-simulator. Which mission would you like to simulate today?+++


+++Thank you for the input. Uploading mission parameters to field and creating holo-simulation. Please standby. While you wait, please familiarize yourself with mission parameters. Would you like to go over mission parameters?+++


+++Excellent, let us begin+++

Greetings comrades, Pride of Rodina here for your mission briefing.

Hunting Party is a bit of an interesting mission. You're probably used to killing your targets, but High Command has decided that instead we need to 'kidnap' them, so to speak. Your objective is to capture more lieutenants and specialists than your opponent. We have advanced intel for mission as well, and are able to pinpoint the exact location of the lieutenant as well. You will also have two secondary objectives once you get there (Classifieds) and need to connect two separate antennas. Sounds easy, right?

Well, it's not. First of all, we're stuck in some close range quarters, so any long range shots (over 32 inches) won't suffice. Missile launchers won't help you here. Enemy forces will know who is our lieutenant as well and will be gunning for them. You'll want to take some shorter range defensive pieces, instead of your ML's and make sure to set your snipers up further up the field. Infiltrating snipers will be a big boon. Also, take lieutenants that you can easily defend or that can defend themselves. Camo'ed Lt. options will be really helpful and those that can deal out a lot of punishment up close.

Additional Mission Weapons and Strategies

Here's the good news though, High Command was able to secure your troops some extra supplies. All troops that had a pistol (standard pistol), now also have a stun pistol. All of your Veteran, Elite, and Headquarter troops are now packing adhesive launchers.

List of all troops with an adhesive launcher (from the mission bonus):
  • 3rd Grey
  • Mormaers

  • Briscards
  • Moblot
  • Equipe Mirage-5

  • Spetsnaz
  • Tankhunters
  • Veteran Kazaks
  • Scouts

  • Marauders
  • Minutemen
  • Blackjacks

With that in mind, use these troops and any troops who already have adhesive launchers and stun pistols, to hunt those targets down! Do -not-, I repeat, do -not- kill the targets. If you want something to kill, take out the engineers or they might break free the targets. Use these troops or ones that already come packing to accomplish the mission. Troops that come with free adhesive launchers will be the biggest boon, since they'll be able to fight their way up field and then take out the specified targets. Camo'ed options will be for the best, since the ADHL has a low rate of fire. Options that can form a Fireteam or join one, will be a lot of help as well.


High Command suggests that you take shorter range defensive pieces, take out the enemy engineer, and hunt for the enemy Lt. It's also advisable to leave the antennas for late in the game, while taking out any enemy forces who try to take them. Make sure you take a good suite of specialist types as well to do your classifieds, unless you're extremely confident in your ability to takeout lieutenants. However, make sure you pick specialists that can put up a fight, as there will be a lot of troops coming to take them out. Worse case scenario, use engineers to bring your troops back to the front and deny the enemy the chance to take them.

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