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HtHoI: Scott Yanos

It's that time of the month again: to humanize the humans behind Infinity and the community we enjoy so much! Scott Yanos is this week's subject, so get ready to learn some more about the people in the community. For reference, I'm the italicized bits and he's the regular font bits.

Also, from now on we will be abbreviating the name of this series as I'm getting kind of tired of typing it all out, when there's a heading image right below it that already says it....

-What do you currently do for a living?  

I am currently transitioning from military life to civilian life after spending 6 years active duty in the United States Coast Guard where I am still a Reservist. I found a job as a Chemist but looking to transition to law enforcement eventually involved in some type of Forensics Lab Unit.

-Do you have a degree or degrees? What are they in? Do you think they help you with playing Infinity or when interacting with the community? 

I have a Bachelor's of Science in Biology with a specialization in Environmental Biology. I don't know if it helps with actually playing Infinity but it does shape how I view the lore in Infinity. It's the reason why I favor Haqqislam so much. Not only do they emphasize a pursuit of knowledge but they are invested in Biotechnology and Terraforming, something that highly interests me.

-If you had one wish, what would you wish for?  

Right now, I wish for my career plans to go smoothly and forward in the direction that I want them. It's been sort of a rough transition to civilian life and it has eaten a lot of my time lately as I try to settle in. So yeah, just need that. It's simple, but meaningful. I just wish to discover my destiny and complete it.


-Where do you live? What store do you usually play at?

I live in Pennsylvania and I am a part of the Infinity PA group. We mostly basement game right now but there are a few shops. Hooked on Comics is the closest one to me that has a budding beginners community but I go down to Games N Stuff in Maryland mostly to get my ITS events in although there is occasional ITS events at the Adventurer's Guild in Harrisburg that I also attend. Being in the military, I had to travel a lot to get games in if there wasn't a local store and it's a habit that hasn't died. I go where the games are.

-What faction/s do you play? 

My one and true love is Haqqislam. I own every model in the range since I started playing so I play vanilla Haqqislam, Qapu Khalqi and Hassassin Bahram. Last year, I played a lot of QK since it was the easiest for me to get into since it fit my play style. This ITS season, I have focused on vanilla Haqqislam and then next ITS season, I plan to main Hassassin Bahram to really get to know each aspect intimately. This may or may be slightly derailed because...well, let's just say my Haqqislam army may have found some allies in Caledonia...

Image result for infinity caledonia

-Can you give us the full load down on how, when, and why you started playing Infinity?  

I started playing about two years ago now. I am what I lovingly call a 40k refugee because before I turned to Infinity, I played 40k. I was really into it as well. The fluff, game, and models were cool and I invested a lot into it but then about 2 years ago, the game wasn't going in a good direction. I won't go into details but I will say, the way GW was going made it hard for me and a friend to really enjoy 40k so we started looking at other systems. Then the store we mostly played at closed and the 40k group dispersed which left a hole for us to possibly explore new systems. Eventually after going on about stuff and finally selecting factions, we finally did it, we selected Infinity and started to buy our armies. It was a rough transition because Infinity may be a table top war game like 40k but it seriously has a different feel and style. The tactics hooked both of us immediately, as well as actual balanced factions. Not all rules were clear but it was a definite improvement and they made sense. Infinity had got us and the models looked awesome especially all the new releases that were happening when we were getting into it. We hooked up with a local group of guys and went from there. One thing we also noticed immediately is the Infinity community has a lot of great people in it, it's not as toxic as some. Even the highly competitive players aren't jerks about it and even help you if you are new. It was nice to see such a great group of players was pretty much game-wide. My friend has been building a community at Hooked on Comics when it opened since he is a little more stationary than me since I am a Reservist and can't be available every weekend but I get games in with some local guys out of basements while getting ITS in when I can.


-What do you do for the Infinity community? Or, what have you done already? Don’t be humble let us know about everything! 

Right now, my biggest thing I do for the community is that I am an Admin over at the Haqqislam Facebook group, and contributor to the Haqqislam High Command Facebook page through the blog that is associated with it, the Sword of Haqqislam. I was also a big part of the Haqqislam effort during Operation Flamestrike, I wasn't the core command but I was an active member which helped drive Haqqislam to victory on Flamia.

-What is your biggest Infinity accomplishment? 

How well I did in Operation Flamestrike. I put a good amount of time and effort in helping the Haqqislam war effort as well as put a lot of time into my battle reports making them into short stories. The effort paid off and I was able to attain the highest rank in the Campaign. I also made a lot of good friends in the Infinity community that spanned the world during Operation Flamestrike, I loved getting to know other Haqqislam players from around the world and I still talk to some on a regular basis. Hoping for an awesome reunion this year as we give the Human Sphere hell for even attempting to mess with Haqqislam.

-What would you like to see in Infinity in the future?

I am highly excited to see the new Sectorials for Haqqislam. I love the lore behind Haqqislam and to finally have more information on the Caliphate (Ramah Taskforce) and the Khanate (Sectorial name tbd!) will be awesome with the amount of details we already know. I don't know if they would replace Qapu Khalqi as my main Sectorial but I am definitely excited to continue to expand my already extensive Haqqislam forces and see what the new Sectorials bring to the faction. QK and Hassasin Bahram already differ wildly from each other that I can't wait to see what the new ones bring given what we units we already have access to.

-Do you have any hobbies outside of Infinity? What are they?  
I have a lot of hobbies outside of Infinity which sometimes gets in the way of not only playing Infinity but also writing in my blog. I like to read a lot, study different subjects. I am often going back and forth between reading fiction and non-fiction because I like entertainment as much as learning. I write a good bit which I now funnel into my blog when I can, again switching between fiction and non-fiction. During the summer months, I put on a kilt and join my wife at the many Celtic festivals around the area as well as go to the PA Ren Faire dressed up. I am an avid video gamer but that goes in spurts. I work out on a regular basis which has turned into a hobby by now and I enjoy the outdoors when I can. Yeah, like I said, jack of trades, master of none but it's better than a master of one. painting suffers the most from my scattered brain hobbies.

-Is there anything else you’d like the Infinity community to know about you? 
I would like to leave with a little piece of advice, mostly for new players but this is for everyone really. If you lose a game, and it happens to all of us, learn from it. Infinity is a relatively balanced game so this means the factions have ways of dealing with everything even if you can't see it right now. As long as you learn from your loss, you haven't failed. Learn from your opponent, ask them what they think went wrong. If they did something you didn't expect, expect it next time. Infinity is a game where you constantly evolve and adapt to new situations even if you are like me used to basically playing only one faction. Also, don't be afraid to ask, there is great people in this community and they don't mind helping. 

And as always, continue to seek knowledge, my friend.


And that's Scott for you! I hope you enjoyed learning about him some more and, as Scott, never stop pursuing knowledge, fellow knowledge-seekers.

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