Thursday, April 20, 2017

Humanizing the Humans of Infinity: Gerardo González

It's that time of the month again: to humanize the humans behind Infinity and the community we enjoy so much! Gerardo González is this week's subject, so get ready to learn some more about the people in the community. For reference, I'm the italicized bits and he's the regular font bits.

-What do you currently do for a living?  

Well, I’m the Technical Coordinator on the Proposals Team for an energy company (Generation, Combined Cycles, etc.).

-Do you have a degree or degrees? What are they in? Do you think they help you with playing Infinity or when interacting with the community? 

I’ve a Bachelor in Mechatronics Engineer and as an engineer I really enjoy checking the “possible” things of the Infinity universe but I think that is my nerd-level that helps me more for interacting with the community than the grade.

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-If you had one wish, what would you wish for?  

That my mortgage gets paid suddenly by an unknown benefactor… or that the ALIVE crew came to Corregidor.

-Where do you live? What store do you usually play at? 

I live in the big Mexico City but I hope to live soon at Queretaro City. Actually I play at Masters of War, that’s without traffic it’s at 20 minutes but with traffic almost 2 hours!

-What faction/s do you play? 

I play Corregidor compadre, no more for now. I’m still assembling and painting a mercenary “thematic” army of Corregidor + Qapu Khalqi, with characters and stories. Also I’m waiting for the Tunguska Sectorial muajaja (evil laugh in Spanish).

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-Can you give us the full load down on how, when, and why you started playing Infinity?  

A long time ago, in the far away system of Fenris I started playing Wh40k, because a store open near my house, but a few time later… it closed. So, for staying in contact with the community, one of the employees of the store, an actual friend of mine, add me to a FB group of wargaming and there someone share the Infinity models and I dropped all the wolves-related gaming and joined Infinity! I saw the Geckos and it was something like a love at first sight. And I think I’m in since 2015.

-What do you do for the Infinity community? Or, what have you done already? Don’t be humble let us know about everything! 

Well, A bordo de Corregidor is my actual infinity blog. I’m also very active on the Mexican FB groups and, nowadays, also on the international groups too. I’m trying to always have a good attitude towards the game and the community so I think that’s very important.

-What is your biggest Infinity accomplishment? 

Critical on 1 with my Intruder in no-camo state with combi rifle out of range against an Acotencimento Sniper (full Link Team), could count as a biggest accomplishment? If not, well, I had a 4th/8 place on a tournament… I’m still training but I hope this year will be the one for a decent place!

-What would you like to see in Infinity in the future?

A miniature for Juan Sarmiento, the Mexican general. It could be great if he has some Strategos or at least NWI with Chain of Command!

-Do you have any hobbies outside of Infinity? What are they?  

I play boardgames too. But my biggest hobby is Anime, I’m a BIG otaku… with (real) wife so it’s safe… Also, I’m an amateur writer.

-Is there anything else you’d like the Infinity community to know about you?  

Corregidor has guts and power! Trust me compadres, I’m a Tomcat.

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And that's Gerardo, the meteorhead himself! Remember, if you need any sweet contracts on Corregidor manpower, he can hook you up.


  1. Don't hesitate to call me if you come to visit my country!

  2. Really enjoying this series, thanks!

    1. Glad you're digging the series, GunGrave :) It's probably one of my favorites, although it's the least popular series we run. Obviously that doesn't matter to me, because I like getting to know our fellow players better, so I'll keep doing them until people stop wanting to do them!