Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Humanizing the Humans of Infinity: Tommy Back

It's that time of the month again: to humanize the humans behind Infinity and the community we enjoy so much! Tommy Back is this week's subject, so get ready to learn some more about the people in the community. For reference, I'm the italicized bits and he's the regular font bits.

-What do you currently do for a living?  

Full Time Commission Artist.

-Do you have a degree or degrees? What are they in? Do you think they help you with playing Infinity or when interacting with the community? 

No Degrees. I had to enter the workforce right after high school.

-If you had one wish, what would you wish for?  

Time. Always more time.

-Where do you live? What store do you usually play at? 

Milwaukee, WI. We used to have some fantastic game stores in the area.. classics like Adventure Games Plus and Napoleon’s. Ever since Gen Con left, Milwaukee hasn’t been the same. We generally play in a open club in a private residence. Though now that I am a Warcor, I’ve found a shop on the outskirts of the Milwaukee Metro area called Games Universe in Franklin, WI. The new owner there, Andy, is very supportive of miniatures gaming and is already carrying infinity. Once we build a solid little group there we can start some ITS tournaments.

-What faction/s do you play? 

My faction ADD is legendary. I have switched armies before while one army was still in transit to me from being ordered. By the time it got to me, I already quit playing it. But no matter how distracted I get (like I am currently by Kazaks), I always end up coming back to Haqqislam. So after Rumble/Adepticon this year, I'm gonna make an honest faction out of Haqqislam and settle down.

A true comrade

-Can you give us the full load down on how, when, and why you started playing Infinity?  

Like so many others, I was a long time GW player. After The Great Schism, we bounced around a lot… Flames of War, Warmachine, Malifaux, and Infinity 2nd ed… we were unaware of any community, and those 2nd ed books weren’t the most intuitive thing I've ever read, so eventually that just petered out...We focused on Warmachine, but after some very tedious experiences at some tournaments, I was contemplating quitting the hobby altogether when N3 was announced. Dove in and haven't come up for air ever since.

-What do you do for the Infinity community? Or, what have you done already? Don’t be humble let us know about everything! 

As Studio Ultramega (Facebook), I do commission paintwork that is focused on catering to the infinity community. I’m partnering with Riotgrrl Painting in our Patreon project Operation: Battle Ready. We will be crafting tutorials, answering patron questions on anything from technique to thematic decisions, and eventually we will be doing online video logs and interactive paint sessions. This year, Angelina Curka, Ethan Pearson and I hosted a painting workshop at The Rumble on Route 66. I am also the Warcor for the Milwaukee area, and am part of Tim Toolen’s Adepticon crew. I’ll be TO’ing the 400 point tourney on Friday along with Angelina. I provide painted prize support for a few tourneys (Rumble, Midwest Massacre, Adepticon, Cancon, Twinfinity…).

-What is your biggest Infinity accomplishment? 

In a local community grudge match, brought an Avatar list against a hyper-competitive player’s 21 order USAriadna list. By the end of turn two, he had 3 orders left and the Avatar was in his DZ. It was a rush, lol. As far as tournament play? I won my bracket at the Midwest Massacre back in 2015, but its been mediocre ever since lol.

-What would you like to see in Infinity in the future?

Besides the typical answers about future sectorials? I like Infinity as it is now… I think we can be too eager for the next “thing”, that we don’t savor the new thing we just received.

-Do you have any hobbies outside of Infinity? What are they?    

No. Commission work eats up to 10-12 hours a day, we are working on producing more content for our Patreon patrons, and Angelina and I both have our own personal armies and gameplay to indulge. Infinity enjoys a monopoly on my time.

-Is there anything else you’d like the Infinity community to know about you?  

Previous to this, I was an award winning tattoo artist. Much of my approach to painting is influenced by the things I learned through tattooing. Also, my name is a killing word.

And that concludes this part in the series! I hope you enjoyed learning some about Tommy! If there's one thing I learned from Tommy, it's that you can do whatever you set your mind and heart too, with a bit of work (I mean, seriously, look at those painted models!). Also, I learned to never utter his name in public....

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