Thursday, March 16, 2017

Hobby Time: Lazarus0909's Ariadna Project

Well it’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to put much up here, in fact perhaps a month since my last submission for POR. A combination though of the laptop’s integrated GPU/motherboard dying and the pickup of work have kept me away from writing anything that hasn’t been kept behind the scenes.

Still, the result of all of this has actually left me with the opportunity to get some more painting done, and the pleasant upshot of this marks a particularly momentous occasion…

… I have finally painted my entire Ariadna army!

With some 60 models to do and roughly completing one each week around work and other commitments, this has been a truly massive undertaking. But rather than just babble on about the joys of highlighting, washing and painting many many tiny eyes, I figured pictures always speak louder than words, right? So after double checking any paint chips and marking my remaining arcs, yesterday I undertook a rather lengthy photo-shoot, complete with my lovely concrete area mat I use at home. 

Let’s have a look, shall we? I’ve decided to break everything down to individual nations (basically each sectorial, but minus the overlapping units every time!), but I’ll also share some of my favorite individual models and some whole army shots at the end.


Here we can see perhaps one of the biggest individual sectorials I own for Ariadna, forming perhaps the main bulk of my Vanilla army.

And here we have some close-ups of some of my favorite models:

- The ever high-performing Spetznaz

- My humble Line Kazaks

- The fierce Antipodes

- My ever-useful Scouts

- And of course, Voronin!


Next we have some of the comparatively new releases, with most of the US Sectorial coming out in 2015 with the release of the US Army box.

And again, some close-ups of some of my favorite models

- The sneaky Foxtrots

- The backbone of the sectorial, the sturdy Grunt link

- My Hardcase, complete with bow string

- Devil Dog Team, the US entry to the dog-sled race!

- Maverick and dismount (HVT), providing some mobility to the force.


This is one of my smaller sectorials, with a handful of models that I mostly brought to support Vanilla and have planned to delay expansion until I have time to give them proper focus.

Once more, we have some closeups! 

- The Volunteer link, with a Highlander Grey, Isobel Macgregor (one of my favorite models), and 3 regular volunteers.

- The Scots Guard, complete with lovely tartan cloaks.

- The SAS, lead by Uxia (another one of my favorite ladies).

- My Cateran, one of Ariadna’s best sniper choices.


And at the end of the force, I have a picture of my small complement of French models, again with plans for expansion as new releases allow.

- Two Chasseurs and a Paracommando, my modest French quarter.

Mercenaries and Others

I only have a pair of real mercenaries, but as they are two of my favorite models I simply couldn’t leave them out – Le Muet (a mercenary sniper) and the Druze (used as a Wardriver/Warcor/ALIVE hackers as needed). 

Perhaps she is indicative of things to come… And now we have the main cross faction choices!

- The Muls, Ariadna’s only REM choice, with their accompanying Dozer. 

- My 112, a hardworking doctor since day 1!

Whole Army

And while I could go on all day and share more pictures than any reasonable bandwidth would allow, here is that whole army shot I promised, displaying my mighty Ariadna army in all their glory.

This has truly been a massive labor of love ever since I’ve started this project, and while I have no doubt cursed and strained through certain moments, I have to say I’m incredibly happy with the end result. If anybody would like close-ups of anything else, do let me know.

But otherwise, until next time!

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