Friday, March 17, 2017

Guest Writer: Why Play Corregidor

An article by Gerardo, of  A Bordo de Corregidor, for our Blog Comrade program.

Having such nice profiles like the Interventors, so sexy miniatures like the Moiras and the new Bakunin starter, and such efficient units like Pi-Well, the Corregidor Sectorial seems to have a disadvantage against Bakunin or Vanilla Nomads, some questions resound on the background: Is not the strong part of the Nomads the Hacking skills? Where is the TO here? Piloted TAG?!

My name is Gerardo, also known as Aikas and I am a proud man of Corregidor, and let me tell you something: Corregidor has many things to offer in game and in quality miniatures. So, let’s get on board and enjoy the travel, just remember that on the mother-ship there are only mixed toilets and that an erroneous gaze could give you a lot of trouble: a black eye or a broken nose, depending on the Corregidoreño (or Corregidoreña). Also please, if you have some stomach problems, do not accept the food from the merchants.

Bakunin is the mind, Tunguska is the brain (and the money) but all of that doesn’t function if there are no hands, if there is no Corregidor. As you already know, Corregidor had a difficult start-up as a free ship and that’s why we are hard people, like meteorites.

We could stay analyzing each troop but that will take a lot of time and, as oxygen, is a very important asset here so let’s jump into something interesting: What does Corregidor lack of?

¿Cojones? Definitely not that. The real thing that we lack is the superior technology. Even that Tunguska tune up our beautiful Reptile’s TAG, they look in some disadvantage with the ones of the blue berets. Obviously we don’t have TO, those are for maricas… well, and Spektrs. Of course we also don’t have ODD like the Reverend girls at Bakunin, but between us, that was because there were a lot of lascivious looks when we visited Bakunin.

Our stronger Hacker has WIP 14, our best BS unit is the Iguana, we just have one IP and recently the High Command decreased the Bandits availability –damn on you, human rights- so… What?

If we’re good at something is for getting ahead against the poor conditions we have. And if you ask why did I choose Corregidor, let me tell you the reasons: Background, Gecko Squadron and my sangre latina.

Let me be honest, at the beginning I feel on a disadvantage against the other factions, the strong IP of the hyper-powers, the quantity of ambushes that Ariadnans can do, the team-work intensity of the Tohaa, and power of fire and resistance from the Combined Army but, as I continue playing, I noticed that Corregidor was not the weakest sectorial but one difficult for playing, maybe not as complicated as MRRF but maybe second to it.

Quoting the background of HSN3, we can notice why: “(…) the enemy went crazy against us, they were surprised that just a small quantity of operatives could do that amount of damage and disorder between enemy lines…”

That was the answer I was looking for!

Playing Corregidor requires a lot of training, much more than playing the other sectorial… of course the basic is the Smoke-Surprise Shot from the Intruder but it’s not as easy as it sounds. Now, with the new rules pilots are also specialists so, what about 4 Gecko pilots with a coordinated Panzerfaust? Or a bunch of specialists getting of their TAG and firing 5 dices of their twin assault pistols before reaching the objective for securing the mission? Brigada’s Pain Train? Something risky but, what is not risky when you live on a gargantuan ship in the middle of the space?

Maybe something that’s not really taking into account is the special rules for terrain. A lot of our units have: multiterrain and Zero-G, something that many people don’t care about because they don’t play, normally, with terrain rules. But on Zero-G we are the kings: Tomcats, Geckos and even the Hellcats could perform very well.

Biotechvore? Wildcats BTS 6 Multiterrain Fireteam is the solution.

Corregidor requires a lot of trickery, efficiency and the lowest quantity of errors. Maybe it’s very chingón to roll into a 2 (I already did it with an uncovered and “uncamouflaged” Intruder with Combi Rifle vs a Regular with Multi Sniper on Fireteam on my negative range) but it’s not very wise to do that (Yes, I only said that to show off). The important thing is to go safe, to stay alive for darle vuelta a la tortilla, and not going searching for a certain dead.

We can’t say that Corregidor is the sword of the Nomads, we can only say that Corregidor is the knife, a very sharp knife: quick, furtive and strong enough that waits for the exact moment for the Coup de grâce.

I really hope this article brings you another perspective about Corregidor and motivates you to play or maybe learn more about it!

  • Cojones = “Balls”
  • Maricas = people with not enough valor.
  • Sangre Latina = Latin-American heritage, “Latin blood”
  • Chingón = Awesome
  • Darle vuelta a la tortilla = Turn the odds in your favor.

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