Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Deep Thought: Why I Play Bakunin

Fluff Reasons

You know, there's something appealing about the idea of just a bunch of weirdo, nut-job, space anarchists hanging out together, just doing whatever it is they do. Something about a 'refuge for the world's most unappreciated' is an interesting idea. No matter who you are, as long as you respect others, Bakunin has a place for you. It's kind of a Utopian idea, when you compare it to today's world and it's a refreshing idea. It's odd to see all of the different cultures that smash together to make up Bakunin. You've got run away AI, hyper-feminist, face-punching anarchists, body-modified beings, lab experiments, humanity's best engineering minds, special police forces, black-ops operatives, and bizarre feminist cultists who hate robots.

There's not a single other sectorial, and probably not an entire vanilla faction, that can bring that many people together from completely different backgrounds and have them work cohesively. Bakunin is like this giant social psychology experiment and the idea of it really amazes me. As an aspiring social psychologists myself, I find things that deviate from our social norms of today, as quite fascinating. That's why I like Bakunin in general, because he rarely see these melting pots without falling apart or turning into a pot that's predominantly one thing trying to assimilate the others

Something else that I really enjoy about Bakunin is the amount of butt-kicking, strong women that are in the faction. I already mentioned above that I'm an aspiring social psychologist and how atypical social constructions really catch my attention. Well, Bakunin's strong feminist influences are a fine example of that. It seems kind of odd to me that there would be two extreme-feminist groups that arise differently in the same place. Not only this, but they have two completely different beliefs and purposes, but are (somewhat) fighting for the same goal: female rights (but I guess you could probably argue they're fighting for female superiority, but we're not going to touch that subject). In today's world, you don't really see this kind of thing, especially not opening, so it's interesting to analyze how it happened, how it flourishes, and how it sustains itself. Granted, it's all a fake reality to start with, but it's still interesting.

Gaming Reasons

This is definitely the harder question to answer, why do I like -playing- Bakunin? I honestly couldn't tell you why. I just do. I think it has to do with the fact that Bakunin accurately represents their fluff, by combining unique traits of a lot of the other factions into one. Bakunin has the hacking prowess that'd you expect from Nomads, along with the versatile and elite MI choices, mixed with the warbands and camo shenanigans you'd expect from Ariadna, the high WIP, combat doctors and big, heavily armed HI of Haqq, along with their own unique components. Bakunin takes the things I love from my three favorite factions and combines them into one sectorial, which is my favorite way to play. It's almost as if Bakunin was tailor made to my tastes.

I think my favorite things about Bakunin is the Taskmasters, Chimera, Custodiers, Healers, Prowlers, and Meta-Chemistry on 'Uber-freaks'. All of the ODD is probably one of my favorite. Plus, I like the Taskmasters and they're diverse loadouts with Krazy-Koalas. Sin-Eaters and Neurokinetics can really ruin someone's day, while Prowlers are excellent mid-range harassers and specialists. They're probably some of my favorite troops in the game (besides the Veteran Kazaks, Scouts, and Spetsnaz). Healers are a lot of fun too, as they're linkable combat doctors with sweet models.

My biggest complaint about actually playing Bakunin is the amount of choices that all cost around 30 points. It makes it really hard to fit in all of the things I love about Bakunin, because they're all so expensive! Luckily, they do have cheap orders in the shape of Zeroes and Moderators, but they're not the reasons why I'm playing Bakunin, so I like to avoid them as much as I can. However, even Zeroes and Moderators are pretty slick in their own rights. Having line infantry that are immune to Shock is surprisingly really helpful, especially when you have a lot of high WIP doctors running around. Zeroes are great too, as they're pretty much Foxtrots, but with combis and a lot of cooler loadouts (Killer Hacker, Assault Hacker, Deployable Repeaters, and Minelayer).

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