Monday, February 27, 2017

Humanizing the Humans of Infinity: Peter Balogh

It's that time of the month again: to humanize the humans behind Infinity and the community we enjoy so much! Peter Balogh is this week's subject, so get ready to learn some more about the people in the community. For reference, I'm the italicized bits and he's the regular font bits.

-What do you currently do for a living?  

I work for a bank and deal with complaints. Not very exciting but it pays well.

-Do you have a degree or degrees? What are they in? Do you think they help you with playing Infinity or when interacting with the community? 

I do have a degree in Computer Animation and Special Effects. My focus was more towards special effects for films. I don’t think the field of study itself helps me much in that regard but it was at university where I got used to the idea of writing a blog, so I guess that counts?

It sure does count! That's what happened with me, too.

-If you had one wish, what would you wish for?  

I would wish humans didn’t have a need to sleep. I would much rather spend those 6 to 8 hours doing something useful than being barely conscious in bed. 

-Where do you live? What store do you usually play at? 

In God’s own country of Yorkshire! We don’t have any stores in Leeds where we could play but mostly I either play at Leeds Night Owls club or at one of my mate’s flats. 

-What faction/s do you play? 

Oh boy. I have Caledonia, USARF, Haqqislam, Military Orders, Morats, Nomads, JSA and Yu Jing. It certainly does feel I have too many factions but some of those are small collections. 

-Can you give us the full load down on how, when, and why you started playing Infinity?  

I can’t remember what year but it was around the time N2 came out I believe, so several years back. With a bunch of local gamers we had this “club” where we’d meet weekly to play at pubs because we didn’t want to play at the GW store anymore, I think mainly because we wanted to play other games. One time, a few people came in with Infinity and did demos. We all liked the game and I think just about everyone bought an army. Then it just went from there.

As for why, I’d say because it was so different to the other games we played, which was mostly GW. Plus, there was that Infinity lie of needing only a few models. It helped the Infinity miniatures are really nice. My first army was Bakunin, but I remember being tempted by Ariadna since I first went through the Infinity book to pick an army. 

-What do you do for the Infinity community? Or, what have you done already? Don’t be humble let us know about everything! 

Well I think the longest running thing I do is my Straight Outta Caledonia blog (He's also a blog comrade with us here at PoR), which I been doing over a year now. I also help organize the Northern Open tournaments with few other guys. And I am also WarCor for Leeds. I like to go out and do demos at wargaming shows, or introduce new people who are interested. 

-What is your biggest Infinity accomplishment? 

Over the years I had plenty of crazy plays, going for those kind of plays is my favourite way to play. I consider my biggest accomplishment to be travelling over 200 miles across England to UK Masters Qualifier Tournament and winning it. It was great way to show Southerners how we play up here in Yorkshire! Ironically, I did pretty badly on UK Masters later that year. Though to my defense there was a “good” reason for it. The Masters started on Saturday and at midnight I was playing Magic the Gathering pre-release event so I went to the Masters being awake over 24 hours. I do not recommend playing Infinity in that state, especially not the biggest tournament in your country. 

-What would you like to see in Infinity in the future?

I would definitely like to see all of the Infinity units to have an official model. There are not many these days, but few still need to be proxied. Then of course new sculpts for Caledonia would be great, which we should be getting sometime in 2017, if the rumours are right. If they would give us more Scottish units, I wouldn’t complain either. 

-Do you have any hobbies outside of Infinity? What are they?    

I do have quite few, main reason why some months I am slow at writing for my blog, just not enough time for everything! I don’t play other miniature games regularly, but I do sometime play Bushido, Bolt Action and trying to get into Malifaux. Then my next big thing is Magic and video games (lately Overwatch and Diablo 3). Then also the “usual”; reading, watching films/TV shows and writing. I consider exercise as my most recent hobby, I don’t play any sports but like to stay in shape. So yeah, lots of things to do and not enough time to do them all.

-Is there anything else you’d like the Infinity community to know about you?  

I don’t know… I guess more people could know that I drive a Ford Mustang. 

And that concludes this part in the series! I hope you enjoyed learning some about Peter! And remember, fight for FREEEEEEEEEDOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!

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