Friday, January 27, 2017

Tactics: CRABBOTS!!! Oh, and other armies got something, too, I guess...

The Inner Hexahedron here again, and we’re reporting that we’ve got CRABS!  Well, Crabbots, that is, and all of the joy and wonder that they bring…  and that EI and ALEPH got the same…  sort of thing, as well…  and the Ateks from the rest of the Sphere might have gotten something too...

As you might have guessed, we’re taking a look at the various and sundry TAG pilots that CB dropped on us last week, and all of the fun and games that’s brought in for everyone!

Remote Pilots

Yes, I am a Specialist now.

Since we’re from the Hexahedron, we’ll look at the PanOceania’s Crabbots first.  Let’s get it out of the way, it’s WIP isn’t stellar.  Hey, we’re PanO, we’re used to it.  And if you’re not, then, well, either 1) cowboy/girl (as is used in my house) up or 2) pick another army.  It’s what we get, carry on.  Beyond that, the Crabbot is pretty standard, with its 4-4 MOV, CC12, everything else 10, Flash Pulse, Knife, and SPECIALIST OPERATIVE!!!  This, damas y caballeros, is the reason it’s good.  Now, every…  single…  one…  of…  our…  TAGs…  IS A SPECIALIST!!!  You can rock up to an objective, hide behind cover, pop out the Remote Pilot, and flip the switch!

Now that I'm a Specialist, I'm not just a gardener, I'm a horticulturist.

ALEPH’s Remote Pilot is Karkata, which I hate, because it’s WIP13…  *assorted curses in English, Portuguese and Spanish*

The EI also has access to the Remote Pilots.  The Scindron, which pops out of the Sphinx, is pretty much the same as the Crabbots, while the Staldron that’s secreted away in the Avatar, Xeodron, and Overdron is, well…  there’s no other way to put it, better, owing to its WIP13.  I have to admit, it makes my blood, well, not BOIL as such, but definitely moves into a low grade fever.  However, it is, and we’re moving on, and diving into the Remote Pilot rule!

Don't hate me because I'm beautiful, hate me because I'm a TAG Specialist with twin Plasma Sniper Rifles...

The Remote Pilot rule is where things get interesting.  Manned TAGs can also pop their Pilots out (and we MIGHT talk about them), and their Pilots all have better tricks, but the Remote Pilots are, effectively, unkillable.  For the price of a Short Movement Skill Dismount, you’ve got an extra specialist on the table that can interact with Objectives, and even bring things back to the TAGs.  Being S1, the Remote Pilots can easily enter Objective Rooms (such as in the 'Armory' mission) and can always interact with Objectives, and bring back Beacons, etc.  Also, the fact that if your Remote Pilot enters any sort of Null state, IMM-1 or -2, or Isolated, you can spend an Order or ARO to try and jump back into the Locked TAG is GLORIOUS.

This, to me, opens up a LOT of possibilities.  I don’t have to have my TAG hanging out in a dangerous position, I can have it hiding and just have the Remote Pilot pop out and take care of things.  Things will, of course, depend on how a board is setup, the terrain, your opponent’s list, etc., but it’s possible to get close to an Objective, have the TAG JUST outside of LoF, die flipping a switch, and then jump back into the TAG, which can then quickly and easily move into an overwatch position.  Add in some species of Hacker to provide cover, and that’ll be HARD to shift.  Jotum, in cover, with the Objective taken care of, and a Hexa KHD in support?  Or an Avatar, same thing, and an E-Drone protecting it?  Yeah, that’s not a fun thought to deal with…  Or a Xeodron Haris doing something similar?  CHILLS…  and not the good kind…

I also love the fact that (Xeo/Overdrons aside) all of the TAGs are FAST, MOV 6-4 or 6-6, which means they can get TO the Objective, interact with the Objective, and then get out just as fast.  Yes, again, the Remote Pilots themselves are weak, but if you have the good luck to hit the Objective the first time?  Yeah, I’ll take a MOV 6-4 ARM8 BTS6 Specialist toting TAG any day of the week and twice on Sunday!


The rest of the Sphere gets actual Pilots, who also have the ability to jump out of their TAGs, and go and interact with things.  I’ll not dive too deep into their statlines, except to note some of the (unfair) bumps they get.  Guijia and O-Yoroi Pilots have the army bumps to CC, to 14 for the Guijia and 21(!!!) for the O-Yoroi, with interesting weapons.  The Nomad Pilots are fairly standard as well, the only differences being weapons and the KHD on the Szalamandra pilot.  The Maghariba Guard Pilot has the best WIP (14!) of all the Pilots, and is a Paramedic to boot, with a Medikit.  Raicho Pilots are interesting with their Dual Assault Pistols (B5 in the Active?!?) giving them a good chance of staying alive out of their TAG.  Finishing the Pilots out is the Inactive Symbiont Armor Gorgos, who is the only 'Pilot' (since they're technically NOT a pilot) with an ARM, but who CAN’T Dismount from their TAG at will, but has to wait to lose the Active Symbiont Armor first…

Not just an awesome Spider Tank, but a Paramedic, too!!!

All of these Pilots have the same ability to Dismount/Mount as the Remote Pilots do, but all of them have the inherent flaw that if they die, they’re dead. No jumping their Ghost back into the TAG.  They’re still flexible, but not as much as the Remote Pilots, and so I, personally, think we’ll see less of them on the table than the Remote Pilots.

So, what do you think?  What sorts of tricks are you thinking up with your Pilots, Remote or not?  Have at, meus filhos!

Your ever humble neighborhood Inner Hexahedron Officer,

Capt. R. Foster-Johnson

Image courtesy of Vyo from the forums

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