Saturday, January 28, 2017

Deep Thought: One Year of PoR, Wrapped Up

I started this blog on January 27th, 2016 (I know I'm a day late), in hopes of creating an Infinity blog to help out newer players and give veterans a little something-something to think about. In the first month, I received a total of 271 views. Humble beginnings, but better than nothing. I pushed harder to produce more of that sweet PoR content and I pushed harder to help the community as much as I could. Little did I realize that my hard work would pay off...

All of a sudden, things exploded, like when you shoot a TAG with an autocannon. Infinity the Game shared a few of my articles and it skyrocketed the name 'Pride of Rodina' out into the world. The demand became greater than what I could provide alone, so I invited a few folks I knew from around the community to join me and I recruited some others. We are a fantastic team of five people now, pushing out content more frequently, content that addresses all kinds of things. Plus, we are an actual name and brand now! I couldn't have done it without them and we couldn't have done this without you, our readers and fans.

To this day, we now have more than 400 views a day and with monthly views beyond 17,000. If you ever told me a year ago, when I started this blog, that people would know my name or my blog from all over the world and that I would have merchandise, I'd call you a liar (no offense, of course). It would all seem pretty crazy. No one would ever expect some random college kid to create and grow a blog into a recognizable name, especially not me. No way did I think I could be successful blogging and writing as some college student in the middle of the United States and definitely not as one of the youngest members of the community. Heck, I was happy when I got 271 views my first month and when I got ONE of my articles shared by Infinity! Those were big milestones for me and all I could really have asked for. I mean, we've grown so much, that we're sponsoring our first Infinity tournament! If you're heading to Twinfinity, you'll notice some sweet prizes from PoR there. If you're heading to the Las Vegas Open, Saturday and Sunday, you'll get some PoR pins, just for showing up.

If PoR was a troop in Infinity, he'd be a Veteran Kazak 
We've done some pretty cool articles so far. Opinion pieces on different factions, whole faction tacticas, analysis on general tactics, home-brew battle reports, detailing charity tournaments, interviewing members of the community, etc. We changed our scope from what I was originally doing back in early 2016 from niche tactics pieces to covering almost everything Infinity related by 2017. I'm hoping we can expand more and cover more than we have before. We aren't just your typical Infinity blog anymore and that's a-okay with me! Writing about tactics and 'what's better than what', gets kind of boring after a while. You've got to have some spice and pizzazz with your article digestion! It helps with the heartburn.

Don't worry though, we'll make this next year even bigger and greater! We have quite a bit in store for you and now that we're experienced and are maturing past the growing pains, we'll be delivering bigger and even better content to you, straight from our cyber-kitchen! We're cooking up a whole lot of awesome things and I can't wait to share them with you. Personally, I have a lot of crazy, experimental, and cool things I want to do this year and I know everyone else is cooking up a lot of their own experimental and cool things too, so stay tuned!

Thank you to all of the old faces who've stuck around and thank you to all of the new ones joining our list of comrades. Each and every one of you makes my heart feel warm and fuzzy. Especially, thank you to the people who took a chance and joined this fledgling blog as writers. I don't think I could ever express how much that means to me and how excited I am to have you on board. Again, thank you all for the incredible support. I hope you enjoyed your first year of PoR, comrades, and I hope you're excited about another. I know I am!

-Kyle Randolph, the Pride of Rodina


  1. What an awesome little piece. I'm really proud to be part of this little community and I'm so glad you put all of this together :)

    1. Glad to hear you take pride in being a part of the Pride of Rodina (ha, word play). Thanks for joining the team, glad to have you on-board :)