Monday, December 19, 2016

Humanizing the Humans of Infinity: Nestor Medina Jr.

We all know that the Pride of Rodina (me) gets some crazy ideas some times (playing only Kazaks for three years straight, for example). A few days ago, he was sitting at his desk typing up his next tactics article, doing some research, and perusing the Infinity forums and WGC Infinity. That's when it hit him, he realized that he's known some of these people for years now; talked to them, interacted with them, read lengthy essays/tacticas by them, and watched them grow, but he didn't actually KNOW them. It was kind of a weird feeling, the kind of weird feeling you get when you've been pronouncing a word your entire life a certain way and then learn you've been pronouncing it incorrectly, quite recently.

After realizing this, he set out to capture the stories and achievements of members of the community that we may know by name, but don't actually know. This is his first attempt to do exactly that....

It's time to humanize the humans behind Infinity and the community we enjoy so much! Nestor Medina Jr. is our first participant, so gather around and prepare to learn some about him. For reference, I'm the italicized bits and he's the regular font bits.

-What do you currently do for a living?  
I am a Level 2 Engineer for Verizon and work with the Emergency 911 system.  Basically I maintain the 911 system computers, network and phone system for the Entire City of NY with four others, That’s Police, Fire Department as well and Emergency Medical Department.

-Do you have a degree or degrees? What are they in? Do you think they help you with playing Infinity or when interacting with the community? 
Yes, my degrees are both Bachelors of Science: Aerospace Engineering and Computer Engineering.  I like to imagine my day to day life in the Human Sphere but I would just be a normal Human Sphere citizen in the PanOceania sectors.  My tech support knowledge helps me maintain contact in the community and interact with others

-If you had one wish, what would you wish for?  
That’s a good question, I would wish for a 100% cure for diabetes.  I have had Diabetes for 20 years and I would like to see myself and others I know free of the disease.

-Where do you live? What store do you usually play at? 
I live in Yonkers, NY, I play currently at Maplewood Hobby in Maplewood, NJ as that’s the closest place I can run and play Infinity without being stuck in traffic to often.  There is Toy Wiz in Nanuet NY as well that I run events  with the help of fellow WarCor Dave Serrano.

-What faction/s do you play?  
Currently I play Haqqislam but will be going to Shock Army of Aconticemento real soon.   I was playing Steel Phalanx for the first 2 years I started playing Infinity as well as Panoceania sectorials.  I have quite a few armies but I feel maybe it might be time to thin down to what I play.

-Can you give us the full load down on how, when, and why you started playing Infinity?  
I started playing Infinity just when Campaign Paradiso just was released.  I had heard about Infinity from other gamers and found that they really were enjoying the game so I wanted to check it out.  On a trip to Vegas I downloaded the rules and read them on the flight to and from Vegas.  When I came back I took a trip to CT to pick up the first two rule books and pick up some models.  Since then I been playing and eventually started running events locally for over four years. 

-What do you do for the Infinity community? Or, what have you done already? Don’t be humble let us know about everything! 
I have a serious issue talking about myself, but okay… I created the WGC Infinity group with Chung Chow who is the head of the Wargamer Consortium right when Operation Icestorm was released (2014).  I saw the huge amount of interest with Infinity and felt that we really needed an online group for players to interact and Chung had reached out to me to start the group after he saw what I was doing with the Malifaux Group on Facebook.  That was over 2 years ago it has grown close to four thousand members worldwide. I have also grown while doing this. Not only was I the lead admin for the WGC Infinity group but all WGC Gaming groups on Facebook but also work with the other groups (artists and terrain building groups) for the Wargamers Consortium.  I have started this year to work on the regional championship events for WGC Infinity which includes WGC Northeast (Brooklyn Bash), WGC Mid-West, and The Las Vegas Open supporting my good buddies Tim Toolen and Joel Traveler who have been very helpful in running WGC Infinity.

-What is your biggest Infinity accomplishment?  
My biggest event had been the 2015 NY Dire State Event.  It was a total of 32 Players. 

-What would you like to see in Infinity in the future?  
I honestly am not sure.  I am a bit at a crossroads in terms of Infinity personally as a player and organizer.  I have ideas in mind and hope to get those ideas fleshed out throughout 2017 with other Organizers and fellow Moderators of WGC Infinity.  I would love to see the WGC Regional events take off and grow but also I want the community to continue to just grow and blossom. I feel the community is great and has a good set of leaders to help keep it on track.  I would love to see the community not only help players but painters, because, in my opinion, we have awesome painters.

-Do you have any hobbies outside of Infinity? What are they?  

I am a full-time father and while not a hobby my daughter means the world to me so I spend as much time with her as possible. We enjoying watching the DC Superhero shows on the CW like the Flash, Supergirl and others.   I just really started playing and painting Guild Ball which has been fun when I can play the game but most other games I have decide to stop playing so I can focus on Infinity and Guild Ball for 2017 and grow my YouTube Channel in the New Year.

-Is there anything else you’d like the Infinity community to know about you?  
I am sure the community might have questions that they want to know about me.  I am open to follow up questions anytime.  

That concludes our first part in this series! I hope you enjoyed learning some about Nestor and I hope you enjoyed the new article series. If you did, let me know and tell me if you have any other questions you'd like Nestor to answer (or you can ask yourself, he's always down for a chat!) or ideas for future participants you'd like to know more about.

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