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Deep Thought: Why I Play Haqqislam (Hassassins and Ramah)

I wrote about why I love playing Kazaks even without an official sectorial previously, so I decided it would be a good idea to go ahead and write a 'love letter' to a real faction and a real sectorial (with one upcoming sectorial as well).

Fluff Reasons

Haqqislam is an unique idea. It takes a religious group that's commonly demonized around the globe and finds the good in it. I personally loved the idea of seeing an Islamic and Middle-Eastern inspired faction for a game that didn't use the common tropes most games implement. Not only that, but it completely reversed the tropes and made it into a faction based on humanitarian efforts and the advancement of knowledge, much like the Islamic kingdoms of old. I've always been enamored with those old kingdoms and this was my chance to recreate them, to some extent.

Since I'm really only interested in Hassassins and Ramah, I'll only talk about those two:


When it came to Hassassins, I liked the idea of having a team of highly trained, super secret, assassins, agents, and other special operatives. To me, Hassassins have some of the coolest background in the game and their concept is exceptionally cool. Almost all Hassassins wear masks to conceal their identities (darn you Govads!), which made them 100x cooler and much easier to paint too! I guess you could say I liked the idea of the 'Assassin's Creed in Space' kind of feel that Hassassins have.

Ramah Taskforce

Ramah though, Ramah's a different beast entirely. I know very little about their background, besides the fact that they're the elite side of Haqqislam. Super-soldiers galore, all created by some of the best doctors in the Human Sphere. This sectorial played more to my desire to recreate the old Islamic and Middle-Eastern kingdoms/empires on the table. The Zhayedans and their fluff really sold me on Ramah. Big HI, lots of flamethrowers, Tarik, Maggie, what's not to like? Ramah is pretty much the most standard military force that Haqq has and the idea was pretty cool to me. Haqq is usually pictured as the ragtag gang of folks who fight to preserve humanity, their ideologies, and their resources. But Ramah? Ramah's the strong-arm and military might of Haqq. Nothing is more terrifying than a team of super-soldiers who are nearly invincible supported by some of the best doctors known throughout the Human Sphere.

Gaming Reasons

Let's just get this out in the open...I like doctors, a lot. I almost always include one or a paramedic no matter what mission I'm playing. I like the idea of being to revive my troops or end their misery if they're too far gone. Higher WIP on average, Doctor Plus, Akbar Doctor, Doctors everywhere, what's not to like about it?!

Not only are the doctors an excellent perk of playing Haqqislam, so is the sheer amount of shotguns. As someone who came from Arianda to Haqqislam (specifically Hassassins), it was nice to finally have some close range weapons that weren't pistols or a sword. Not only that, but a whole lot of weapons I wasn't use to as a Kazak player: spitfires, viral weapons, D.E.P., panzerfausts, heavy rocket launchers, etc. Sure, I missed having AP and shock everywhere, but viral, fire, and explosive were good enough!

Haqqislam also has a fair bit more equipment than Ariadna, with holo-projectors, impersonation, real HI, hackers, and useful remotes (sorry Traktor Muls). They were a nice transition from Ariadna to the higher tech factions (Nomads and Yu Jing are the 'higher' tech factions I play). The cool new abilities  from the super-soldiers are fun too! Having a super-jumping doctor with a boarding shotgun is probably one of the coolest mental images I can think of. TO camo was definitely a nice perk...hidden deployment doctors too? Shoot yeah!


Main thing I loved about Hassassins back in N2, more so now

Viral weapons, Fidays, Dogged and Religious everywhere, Chain of Command, Hassassins were a breath of fresh air from a couple of years of playing just Kazaks. I wanted to play something different, so Hassassins definitly fit the bill. Barids even sold me on Hassassins. I really liked the Muyibs, Ragiks, Barids, Lasiqs, Fidays, Farzan CoC, and Asawiras (note this was in N2). Muyibs were especially my favorite, I loved having a more elite 'line trooper' option, that was more of a shock trooper than anything. They were resilient and varied in their roles. They also had smoke, which I was kind of dependent on as an Ariadna player, so they felt right to me. I like to think of them as Kazak Hassassins; they're verstail, resilient, and butt-kicking cool. Everything else was just icing on the cake.

Ramah Taskfroce

What really sold me on Ramah, besides super-soldiers and flametrhowers
I've always been a fan of the Caliphate, since I started Kazaks even. Only problem was the lack of information on them and the lack of models. Kazaks had the perk of what troops were obviously in the upcoming Kazak sectorial and they had models I liked (some new ones even). At the time, Ramah? Not so much. Fast forward to the near-present with the new Maggie, Naffatuns, Tarik, and Ghulams? I dive right in! The rules for Zhayednas, Khawarij, Tarik, Maggie, and Naffatuns sell me on the sectorial...along with the promise of more super-soldiers, of course. I liked the idea of having a cheap line trooper option who excelled at deployment zone guarding. Khawarij were cool as baby Tariks (who I love, he's fantastic) and Dogfaces. Zhayedans reminded me of Spetsnaz, without camo. Once the Al Fasids came out, a dream trooper of mine, I knew it was settled. I'd play Ramah for certain.

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