Thursday, December 29, 2016

Tactics: The Chronicles of the 356th Independent TAG Company, Part 1

Everyone’s favorite Inner Hexahedron Officer here again, to give a rundown of the technological advance that makes PanOceania as the HYPERPOWER, despite what the Ateks out there might say:  TAGs.

TAGs are one of the main things that drew me into Infinity, so much so that I’ve gone well overboard with them, to the point that I may have gone overboard…  which the record will show shortly.  As noted in my introduction to the Pride of Rodina’s readers, the games I played in the olden times were stompy robot based, and my first foray back into gaming was stompy robot based.  And, seeing that PanO had the best looking giant stompy robots, I dove right it.  And now, we’ll break them down, going in order of how much I like them, rather than anything logical.

You can't see me...

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Tactics: Ariadna Paracommando - Death from the Skies

Lately we've had quite a bit of PanO content available lately on the site, and continuing my trend of doing tactical pieces for more obscure models, I thought it was time I focused in on an outlier from the Ariadna side... the FRRM Paracommando!

The Paracommando has always been something of an oddity in Ariadna, with AD in general not receiving much love outside of the well known (and feared) Van Zant. Now in the sectorial, of course there's not much in the way of competition there, but nevertheless this is an interesting point to consider, as a lot of people can struggle to get any effective use out of this model. I think that with a bit of effort, overcoming the limitations of the Paracommando makes for a fearsome piece, and all things considered, it's rather aggressively priced for what it can do.

- Death from the skies!

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

STALKER - A Birthday Drinking Batrep (600pts Team Game!)

With my birthday recently passed, I thought it would be fun to share all of the cheer with the wider community, and what could be a more perfect way of doing that than bringing you a very special battle report? Custom scenario, team game, excessive drinking - what more could you want from a birthday Infinity game with friends?

For this game, I finally had the opportunity to play a game on my brand new gaming mat that I previewed in my last article. This lovely piece of gaming art came from Urbanmatz, and the beautiful "decayed Eastern bloc" themed Concrete Area is just perfect for my overgrown urban Ariadna forces! In case you didn't catch a glimpse of it in last month's article, here's a preview of it out on my gaming table :)

Monday, December 19, 2016

Humanizing the Humans of Infinity: Nestor Medina Jr.

We all know that the Pride of Rodina (me) gets some crazy ideas some times (playing only Kazaks for three years straight, for example). A few days ago, he was sitting at his desk typing up his next tactics article, doing some research, and perusing the Infinity forums and WGC Infinity. That's when it hit him, he realized that he's known some of these people for years now; talked to them, interacted with them, read lengthy essays/tacticas by them, and watched them grow, but he didn't actually KNOW them. It was kind of a weird feeling, the kind of weird feeling you get when you've been pronouncing a word your entire life a certain way and then learn you've been pronouncing it incorrectly, quite recently.

After realizing this, he set out to capture the stories and achievements of members of the community that we may know by name, but don't actually know. This is his first attempt to do exactly that....

It's time to humanize the humans behind Infinity and the community we enjoy so much! Nestor Medina Jr. is our first participant, so gather around and prepare to learn some about him. For reference, I'm the italicized bits and he's the regular font bits.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Tactics: Getting the Most Out of Your Caledonia Specialists

An article for Kenjy Kato Colin, the winner of Pride of Rodina's first giveaway.

Image result for caledonia highlander army

When playing Caledonia, a lot of people like to think of it as the faction of giant swords, kilts, frothing berserkers, and Highlander. The mental image of this seems kind of contradictory to what Infinity's about; a game focuses super-super-secret black ops missions, getting in and out quietly, and having your specialists accomplish the mission at hand...but, wait. These things don't match up! Caledonia? Specialists?! What is this madness!?!?

In other words, playing specialist-based missions with Caledonia can be a bit tricky, so follow along as PoR breaks down some things you can do....

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Shock Army Tactica Part 2: Who Am I Kidding, I'm Here For The TAGs!!!

Well, after a week of local weather that couldn’t be more UNLIKE Acontecimento, your friendly local (I’m here to help, TRUST me) Inner Hexahedron Officer is back to look at the rest of the units rolling around in nosso ExĂ©rcito de Choque de Acontecimento, namely our HI, TAGs, REMs, and SK (wait, this in PanOceania, how did a SK sneak in?  Ohhh…  that’s right…) units, to see what sort of tricks they have up their sleeves…

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Deep Thought: Competing for the Community - Charity Tournaments

Hello again, my friends! It would seem that people enjoyed my article on Cameronians, so Pride has chosen not to feed me to the Antipodes… yet. Instead, I have a new piece to offer, and it’s a bit different this time.
Infinity is a fantastic game. I love every minute I spend standing around that table, pushing little tin men and women around, laughing, joking, and cursing with my friends. It’s also a very privileged, luxurious hobby. Spending $13 on one little toy soldier is a perfectly fair price, by the standards of the hobby, but it’s also the cost of a meal for two people from the grocery store. That’s something I’d like to talk about, and I’m just going to dive right in.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Deep Thought: Creating More Thematic Games

With my last two articles being more tactically based, I figured it was time to do something a bit different. After all, there are plenty of pieces out there on how to get the most out of your models, lists and positioning, but something that rarely gets discussed is how to improve the overall gaming experience for non-tournament/practice games.
For this piece, what I thought I'd discuss is how to get the most out of creating some more thematic tables and missions! It's all very well to play on "yet another plain hab-block" with a stack of unpainted miniatures, but the longer you play this game, the more the desire to stave off the attrition becomes important to keep your interest going, as well as that of the rest of the group. In other words, it's those really thematic and memorable moments I think that keeps people coming back for more.

- After all, wouldn’t you rather play on something like THIS?
(A board from one of our tournaments earlier this year)

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Deep Thought: Why I Play Haqqislam (Hassassins and Ramah)

I wrote about why I love playing Kazaks even without an official sectorial previously, so I decided it would be a good idea to go ahead and write a 'love letter' to a real faction and a real sectorial (with one upcoming sectorial as well).

Fluff Reasons

Haqqislam is an unique idea. It takes a religious group that's commonly demonized around the globe and finds the good in it. I personally loved the idea of seeing an Islamic and Middle-Eastern inspired faction for a game that didn't use the common tropes most games implement. Not only that, but it completely reversed the tropes and made it into a faction based on humanitarian efforts and the advancement of knowledge, much like the Islamic kingdoms of old. I've always been enamored with those old kingdoms and this was my chance to recreate them, to some extent.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Guest Writer: Playing and Creating Fluffy Infinity Lists

By: Jason Christopher James Farley, aka Admiral JCJF

In many wargaming communities there is social, or more concrete pressure, driven by tournament “soft scoring” to generate lists which fit with the “fluff” or setting and background material for the game. This is often seen as being in opposition to building a “hard” list which is optimized to win and which focuses on taking the mechanically better units and those which synergize most effectively.
The absence of such pressure in Infinity is interesting, and seems to be driven by three key factors. First, the good mechanical balance within the game helps to prevent standout “better” units (with only a few notable exceptions, Ghazi, Kuang and Posthumans I’m looking at you) and equally few truly “weak” choices (Vanguards and Bolts come to mind) which means that most players are using similar units in their lists, regardless of their efforts at optimization. Second, there is a broad acceptance of the idea that everyone will deliberately try to always bring the “best of the best” list they possibly can and so exactly the attitudes which would be criticized as “win at all cost” list building in other systems are lauded in Infinity, probably as a result of the core concept of the game being built around a “small elite team” for special missions and the idea that lists will be constructed specifically to fulfill a mission and with knowledge of the opponent. Lastly there is a disconnect between the setting and background material and the game, created in part by the former being absent from the free online rules which are most commonly used, and separated into different hard copy books which generates a mental division of one from the other.