Thursday, August 11, 2016

Deep Thought: Why I Love Veteran Kazaks

Sometimes your passion is just too much to keep contained within. Sometimes you just want that special somebody to know how you feel about them. Sometimes you simply wish to shout to the world just how much that one special person means to you. Sometimes, and only sometimes, you can't keep your heart from racing, pounding so loud you can hear it, and then you get sweaty palms, you can't speak, and your whole body is consumed in the emotion of love. Other times you write articles on a blog about how much you like certain troops/fireteams. This is that 'other' time.

Welcome to a new series I'm starting called "Love Letter"! These rather brief and simple articles will be highlighting a particular troop and loadout (sometimes a fireteam configuration) that I love to use in my lists that I don't think people give enough credit to (or that they are, but I still want to write about them anyway). I'll explain in detail what makes them great and why I like using them so much and maybe, if I'm feeling particularly 'chatty' I'll even share a story or two about a time I used them. I hope you enjoy this new series and let's get started with my all-time favorite troop: the Veteran Kazak.

People always ask me, "Hey, Pride of Rodina, I hear you're coo-coo for some Veteran Kazaks, why?" Well comrades, sit down, pick up a bottle of vodka (pronounced "vood-ka" if you really want to get in the spirit of things), put on your ushanka, don your telnyashka, and let the Pride of Rodina tell you why he loves the humble Veteran Kazak Paramedics....

First and foremost you have to realize something very important; Ariadna has no true HI (I guess the Blackjacks count now, but shhhhh). Some people think our Heavy Infantry are just over-glorified Medium Infantry. Others say that you need to have a super awesome exo-suit thing to be considered a real HI choice! I look these naysayers straight in their dirty lying eyes and I stress these two words "Veteran" and "Kazak". If you want the true HI experience (without the lame being hacked part), the Veteran Kazak is one of the only places you can get that pleasure while playing Ariadna and especially when playing Kazaks. Thanks to their extreme resilience, above-average stats, and No Wound Incap, they're Ariadna's finest troops and the closet thing we have to an actual HI choice (shove off Blackjack!).

 I digress, this isn't a story about Veteran Kazaks as a whole, it's a story about the humble Paramedic! You take Ariadna's finest trooper, give him the ability to always react, ignore most penalities, the ability to do objectives, a medikit to heal his comrades, an AP rifle to shoot the foes of Ariadna dead with, heavy pistol for cool executioner style shots, and a light flamethrower to torch what you can't see. The paramedic's the ultimate toolkit to get almost any mission accomplished, to kill almost any target, and to survive almost any threat (except viral).

For only 39 points, I have one model that can and will accomplish just about anything I set them out to accomplish and with the utmost confidence that they'll get the job down right! Sure, they're a bit pricey when compared to the rest of Ariadna's 'elite' choices, but do you know of any Ariadna trooper who can hold onto their life for as long as the Veteran Kazak? I didn't think so. Move the Veteran Paramedic up, take an objective, hide in cover, and then enter suppressive fire. Your opponent will struggle to dislodge this terrifying monster of a man: -9 to be hit and ARM 7 with '2' wounds. Most importantly, the Veteran Paramedic can also accomplish Classified Objectives that many of your other troops won't be able to (how many paramedics do you include in each list? How many forward observers? That's what I thought) with better efficiency and a higher survival rate. Not only that, but when one of your comrades bites the dust, the Veteran paramedic is more than able to shoot his medikit and try to revive them too! They seriously do just about everything.

With their ability to efficiently and effectively perform so many roles, it also allows you to clear up a lot of your orders to perform other tasks or use other troops. You won't have to worry about spending 5 orders on your Doktor to move them up, when you can easily shoot the target with a medikit with one (granted, the Doktor usually has a 15% higher chance of success). Or why waste orders moving up your Tankhunter AP HMG to shoot a HI when your Veteran paramedic's right there (with a little less chance of success)? Efficiency is the name of the game when it comes to Infinity, and the Veteran paramedic gives you the most efficiency you could hope for when playing Ariadna.

The Veteran Kazak Paramedic is like a box of chocolates; you always know what you're going to get and that's a small package filled to the brim with all kinds of yummy and delicious treats.


  1. One thing I would stress is their vulnerability to BTS based weapons and even bigger susceptibility to Viral. It's nice to list all the positives of a unit, but for those looking to use them, it's nice to point out what to look for and possible limitations.

    A change from N3 I noticed was a swapping of a point from PH to WIP. It's minor, but something that has made me lean towards the WIP 14 flash pulse or marking ability. Granted it's situational.

    I do enjoy it's toolkit very much though. You've hit home with how great every weapon meshes together. The Heavy Pistol with its Shock Ammo is dangerous in CC (VKs have a CC value of 18 which is legit) and close quarters. The flamethrower fixes the short to medium range gap and helps burn away Camo. The AP Rifle is great against in general. With mimetism base and an above standard HI ARM of 4(almost Mormaer level) they surpass all of the HI for Ariadna. Can't wait for their own Sectorial with supposedly them being able to join Line Kazaks in addition to themselves.

    1. Thanks for the reply comrade :)

      Very true about their weaknesses and my lack of noting them. Do note that this article is about why I love Veteran Kazaks and not a tactical guide. You can find that in the Kazak tactica ;)

      The additional WIP is fantastic, who needs PH?

      Glad you see my point here. Veteran Kazaks are awesome and people really underestimate them. This article was to highlight why they're good and why people should use them more.

  2. Zdravstvuyte!

    I see your intention with these articles! However, I think that it doesn't hurt to point out to potential players any glaring weaknesses. It doesn't have to deride or weaken your point of the unit, but it's still nice to help out fellow comrades when it comes to learning/using units. I like that you hit home with each facet of the unit.

    I brought up the WIP change because it helps grabbing objectives, the drop in PH is a small sting in its ability to dodge, but mimetism on all of its profiles combined with SSL2 really adds to their durability. ARM 4 is ace. I forgot how much ARM they had in regard to their speed and having V:NWI.

    1. Sorry if I sounded condescending, I was just making sure we were on the same page. It's very common that people neglect to read the entire article and then critique something that was already addressed. Since we are on the same page (sorry for misunderstanding you!), I definitely see your point. I don't want to give the impression that something's totally invincible and awesome. I'll keep this in mind for the future :)

      The WIP 14 is a fantastic little perk and really helps them stand out from the rest of Ariadna. That's why they're some of my favorite specialists, as I've said already and you've mentioned. SS2 and Mimetism really help make up for the the missing one PH, but I must admit I do miss the days of the Veteran Kazak doctor. ARM 4, 4-4 MOV, NWI, and Shock Immunity really help deliver it and make it durable and reliable.

      I could talk all day about how I love Veteran Kazaks!

    2. No, no! Not at all. You aren't condescending. I love discussing Infinity. V. Kazaks bring so much, and you're bang on with all of their buffs and stats.

      Did you already do one on Spetsnaz? (:

    3. Ha ha, no. No article about the Spetsnaz. Everyone already loves the Spetsnaz, I don't need to convince people they're good! All it takes is using a Spetsnaz once and you fall in love with them. Explains why I own 5 Spetsnaz models ;)

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