Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Deep Thought: Why I Prefer Sectorials Over Vanilla Forces

It's kind of like the difference between people who like pooping only in private ("shy-poopers") or those who poop anywhere. Sectorials offer a unique and enjoyable experience to Infinity that allows players comfort, coziness, and the ability to enjoy the things they really enjoy. Vanilla is more about having the right tools for the job and the correct arsenal in front of you to dispose of any threats (poops) that bother you.
To me, there are four reasons why I like playing sectorials more than Vanilla armies: cost, cohesion, fluffiness, higher avas. Of course, there are more than just the four reasons, but we'll keep it slim and simple this time around and those four are the primary reasons why I enjoy them as much as I do.


If you weren't playing JSA, you really have no reason to buy the entire box, except if you really wanted to

In my opinion, sectorials are probably some of the cheapest armies to play in the game, of course depending on which one you pick up and what troops you decide on. You can quickly buy the starter, another box, and a blister or two and get to 300 points quickly with everything you'll need! None of that, "well, I'm going to buy the Vanilla starter, use only 4 of those models, then I'm going to buy this box, use only a model out of it, and then..." etc. When playing a sectorial, all of your troops are useful (according to your playstyle of course) and they all have their places. They're very rarely washed out by some other, better choice, because that's pretty much the only choice you have for that type of troop!


Take a gander at a fully resculpted sectorial list and tell me they don't have a beautiful cohesion to them! Of course, there are some sectorials that are kind of just a hodge-podge of aesthetics, so they don't blend together as well (Onyx, Bakunin, Qapu Khalki, etc.). That's why I'm not a big fan of them (I do have a soft spot for Bakunin though). I like the uniform aesthetics, the cohesion, and I can't break from that. I can't quite explain it, but it gives me a kind of peculiar happiness seeing my team, that looks like a team, fighting together, working together and hanging out together (when playing the RPG, sometimes I like to sneak my tournament lists into a scene and pretend they're hanging out or something...they can't just go on missions all the time!).


Not only is there a sense of cohesion in the aesthetics, but they also have backgrounds together, work together, live together, etc. They aren't just the best of the best handpicked to fight some greater foe , in a sectorial, your troops are a team that live next to each other, they train together and they survive together. They're best friends competing to see who can score the most kills or run the furthest without getting shot to crap. They're rivals who begrudgingly help each other survive when bullets fly, but after the fight, it's tough to keep them from decking each other in the face. Sure, Vanilla forces could be the same way, but it takes a whole lot more head cannon or specific instances to help bring that component together. Fireteams really help bring this fluffy point home as well and definitely helps sectorials feel more fluffy.

Higher AVA

I don't just want a higher AVA for Veteran Kazaks, I want more Spetsnaz too!
Sometimes you just have that favorite troop (Veteran Kazaks and Spetsnaz) that you want to be able to take more of. Sometimes you don't want to buy a whole box of models and only use one of them. Sometimes you want to be able to field an entire squad (fireteams) of one of your favorite troop profiles. Sectorials are the only way to do that and one of the main reasons why I love them so mcuh.

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