Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Hassassins, HSN3 and ITS

As I've said a few times, once HSN3 comes out, I'll be shifting my focus to my Hassassins. Well, HSN3's out and it's Hassassin time folks! Don't worry, I'll do a full run down in the future, but for now we'll do a crash course on Hassassin in ITS:

Holy cow, did Hassassins make out like a bandit in HSN3! We got a new unit (Hassassin Ayyar, who is pretty sweet by the way), some much needed new loadouts for existing units, point deductions where they were needed, a lot of new link options, and a rework of the Asawira. All of this has led to a drastically different Hassassins sectorial and it's pretty sweet, especially when compared to its old N2 version.

Here are some of my ITS lists for Hassassins (each list will be provided via my Google Drive and the following URLs after each heading) and explanations as to how they'll work:

ITS Here We Come

The five person Muyib team is the primary firebase of the list that will run forward, take out primary targets and attempt to perform objectives on the way (with the Forward Observer). However, the Muyib team isn't the only punch the list has, nor the only specialists:
  • The Ayyar makes his debut in this list and after trying the bugger out for the first time, I will almost always find a place for them now. They are absolutely mean, versatile, and specialists.
  • Barid Forward Observer is ready to launch pitchers when needed, mark targets or do classifieds as needed. The primary part though is the pitchers for the Barid Hacker Lt. and Govad Killer Hacker.
  • Govad Killer Hacker will make good use of Cybermask for the surprise shot with his boarding shotgun and added defense to claim objectives. He will also run defense for when hackers try to use the pitchers to kill the Barid Lt. as well as using them himself to eliminate enemy hackers. His primary role will be to shoot stuff, claim objectives and sometimes hunt down visual-distorting targets, just like the Govad sniper.
The rest is kind of self-explanatory. This list is by far the most versatile ITS list I have come up with as to date and so far it's served me really well. I've addressed just about every possible encounter, mission and classified with this list, so I'm sure I'll get good use out of it down the road.

Asawira Spearhead

Just in case the name didn't give it away, this list capitalizes on using an Asawira Haris with  boarding shotgun doctor and smoke grenade launcher Muyib. In addition to the Haris though, there's a 3-person team of Muyibs to run as a second firebase and objective-snatching team for when the Asawira team falls apart or disbands. There's really no other trick here besides that, the rest of the list is pretty obvious (Ghazis jam things and general harassment, Daylami panzerfausts infiltrate into the right places or defend the DZ, Najjurn and Ghulam doctor perform classifieds and do mission objectives).

If you're playing any killing-focused missions, this list will be an excellent one. Asawira are absolutely terrifying and mean, meaner than Ayyars, thanks to the update they received in HSN3.

More Ayyar, More Fun

The main point of this list is to optimize the Ayyar's to kill as much as they need to and secure whatever objectives they need to. Ayyar's are absolutely mean and two of them are even meaner! However, if your opponent makes good use of biometric visors and things with sixth sense, then the Ayyars start to have diminishing returns. That's where the rest of the team comes in to help them out:

  • Lasiq to eliminate tough to kill targets and provide AROs
  • Govad to provide AROs and to eliminate any visual-distorting targets
  • Barid with a Killer hacking device to support the Barid Lt., take out any pesky hackers that might screw with the Ayyars, as well as being a cheap and durable specialist if the time arises.
  • 4-man Muyib team with HRL, Smoke Grenade Launcher, Doctor and E/mauler minelayer to provide as a main firebase to backup the Ayyars, do objectives/classifieds and defend their turf
This is probably the least capable ITS I've put together out of the three, but if you're playing the right missions, this list can be absolutely devastating! The Ayyars and their friends for backup can make short work of most lists, but classifieds might be a bit hard to accomplish.


  1. Hi! First congratulations by the blog.
    I'm trying the taste of hassassin but i cannt win with them... :(
    What has been your experience with the three list?

    1. Thanks Metalsun! I take great pride in the Pride of Rodina blog ;)

      Those lists have served me exceptionally well (I haven't tried the double Ayyar one yet and since I wrote this article I've been playing my Kazaks again and now I'm focusing on Tohaa).
      Hassassins can be a bit interesting to get the right feel for them at first, but if you practice enough and play to your own playstyle, you'll pick them up eventually!

      If you showed me some of your lists and kind of explained what's going on, maybe I can help you more fully :)

  2. I've tried two list one of them this:
    With this list the plan is deploy the first turn both ragiks near enemy's DZ and with aldjabel destroy the most cheerleaders than could be posible and the next turn asawira's duo try to clean the table or reclaim objectives.
    The other list that i've tried is this:
    It's a triple link, duo, haris and core. It's a bit slow because there are too many eggs in the same bag.
    I would like include at least asawira's duo and a fiday. I also tried ayyar in vanilla and is a killer in close distance.
    What do you thing?

    1. I don't think your lists are too bad, but they definitely lack a few things:
      1) long range weapons
      2) good reactive turn weapons/ARO weapons
      While Hassassins excel at close range, it's still nice to be able to counter those of your opponent and be able to put up a fight when it's not your turn. Just the Shihab isn't enough, sadly.

      I also find it strange you don't use any Muyibs nor that you use a full Fireteam. Not that it's a problem, but I think you might want to try that, maybe even an Asawira Haris with a Muyib in it and a Core of Lasiqs or Govads.

      I suggest maybe trying out the lists I made above to help you get a better grasp on lists. Then, once you feel comfortable, try making your own and see how it works out :) I also suggest going to the Infinity Forums and talking with the folks there.

    2. Thx suggestion, next time i'll try something near to the second list ;)

    3. Always glad to help Metalsun!

      If you have any further questions, you know where to find me :)

  3. As usual, before I build some lists I read my favorite blog of a fellow Ariadnan (although red) comrade. Quite funny that my HB list is similar to your 1st one:
    (combat groups were different too but I adjusted them to yours)

    1. Ha, nice! Great comrades think alike, that's how the saying goes, right? ;)
      I must admit that I haven't played my Hassassins in a while though, but I look forward to trying out the Ghulam Core with Leila or even a Muyib Core with Leila. I'm wanting until we get that sweet Ayyar model before I start playing them again...also waiting until after the tournament season, so I can stop playing Ariadna and practicing!