Thursday, June 23, 2016

USARF Tactica part. 1: Light on the Specialists and Medium on the Armor

When freedom comes a knockin' USARF is there to answer the call. Prepare to learn about the USAriadna Ranger Force's Light and Medium Infantry (characters will be in part 2, which is here), because that's what this is all about!

Light Infantry


Run of the mill doctor, except this bugger's carrying a fire ax, shotgun and some field experience! Extremely cheap doctor comparatively, but don't honestly expect too much out of 'em. They've got a similar stat line to grunts without the armor and all they have to protect themselves is a shotgun or dodging, so be careful when you run these brave volunteers across the field. The one plus side is they have V:Courage, so they won't run unless you tell them too, otherwise they're standing their ground and holding whatever position you want them to. Sadly they're also the only doctor choice for USARF, so hold them dearly, but at least you can take two of them.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Deep Thought: The Stories a Game of Infinity Tells (AKA Don't Be so Serious)

Infinity isn't just a game about tactically outperforming your opponent or winning some cool, exclusive models, it's about the story; the feelings, the drama, the tension, the action, the near-death experiences! It's about watching a movie unfold before you. Each game you'll play will be very similar to another episode in long, but excellent, TV series (like Firefly, but with much less talking and involving a lot more violence and death). Tales of heroics and dastardly duds occur so frequently, with pulse-pounding, intense action, as you sit on the edge of your seat (just kidding, when do you have time to sit while playing Infinity?) hoping your favorite character can pull off whatever crazy shenanigan they're attempting.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Hassassins, HSN3 and ITS

As I've said a few times, once HSN3 comes out, I'll be shifting my focus to my Hassassins. Well, HSN3's out and it's Hassassin time folks! Don't worry, I'll do a full run down in the future, but for now we'll do a crash course on Hassassin in ITS:

Holy cow, did Hassassins make out like a bandit in HSN3! We got a new unit (Hassassin Ayyar, who is pretty sweet by the way), some much needed new loadouts for existing units, point deductions where they were needed, a lot of new link options, and a rework of the Asawira. All of this has led to a drastically different Hassassins sectorial and it's pretty sweet, especially when compared to its old N2 version.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Tactics: Toppling a Giant (T.A.G.)

(A copy of the article I wrote for Midwest Wargaming, which can be found here. I apologize for the white spaces, they're a real pain to get rid of and I got rid of the ones I could without spending another hour trying to clear it up.)

As anyone who’s even remotely interest in Infinity, you’ve definitely seen or gawked at a T.A.G. before. The mere shock of a giant block of pewter with it’s incredible stats, high point costs, awesome weapons, and beautiful details has more than likely called to you at least once (maybe that’s why you were lured to this article?). In many cases, they stand twice, almost three times, as tall as your regular troops and they are quite literally giants on the fields of Infinity and their potential for destruction is quite similar.

New players and veterans alike will reminisce on their first encounters against or using T.A.G.s and they laugh off the either horrible or gleeful experience they had. T.A.G.s are definitely a new beast entirely and can be be really hard for new players to tackle in what can be an already hard to tackle game. Next time you run up against one of these buggers, try to remember these 5 Axioms: