Monday, May 16, 2016

Human Sphere N3 Initial Thoughts

Human Sphere's out and I'm back! Here's an article I wrote for my partner blog, Midwest Wargaming:
P.S. Expect to see sectorial analyses and more in-depth articles about HSN3 coming very soon.

If you're even mildly interested in Infinity, then you've heard about HSN3 before (especially if you've been following my articles here or on my own blog). It's out, it's finally out, so now it's time to start digesting all of the secrets that it holds within! This article isn't geared towards pointing out every single, little change though, it's focus will be on highlighting some of the biggest changes, how HSN3 will affect the future, current metas, and point out some really cool things Corvus Belli has done lately in conjunction with the release of HSN3.
I would like to say that I am working on sectorial guides, like I did for the Vanilla factions, but it'll be a little while before they're done. Do keep your eyes out for those though! It'll be a two-part saga, so to speak.