Sunday, April 3, 2016

Update: Hiatus and HSN3

I've been a little quiet as of late, and I apologize for that, due to some life events and HSN3 being right around the corner.

I initially was taking a break from writing articles to focus on life matters and then when I heard HSN3 was finally dropping I decided to wait for the book to finally come out before I post anymore articles in hopes of keeping my posts from being invalidated and having to rewrite them. Once it's finally out to the public expect to see me back to full force again!

However, until then, I'm going to be painting, basing, running demos and focusing on real life events for now. I might post here and there about some interesting rumors, edit old posts or post some pictures of what I'm working on, but don't count on anything, sadly.

Good luck out there comrades and make Rodina proud!

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