Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Prepping for HSN3

With Human Sphere 3rd Edition coming out soon with all of its cool gizmos, weapons, troops and everything else, it can be a lot to take in and definitely makes the current Infinity atmosphere a bit dull. Rather than just throwing your hands up in the air and wait for the new book, you can start to prepare yourself and your local meta for this massive expansion:
  • Learn how to hack and the hacking rules
    • If you or your meta doesn't use hacking much now, you'll want to work on this. Hackers got a whole lot cooler, there are more types, more programs and they got deadlier. Every faction will now have hackable targets or hackers (even Ariadna, yes), so start learning how to to use them effectively now to prepare for when you will almost undoubtedly use them after HSN3 comes out.
    • Learn how to be careful of where you put your repeaters and protecting your hackers (especially your lt.) from enemy hackers. A new hacking device is coming (Killer Hacking device) that will be quite common and powerful. Best to perfect this trade now without the horrible consequence of death.
This guy is surely going to be a pain in your rear with that sweet new Killer hacking device
  • Understand how linkteams/fireteams work
    • Granted there will be a good amount of tweaking on this game mechanic, but understand how it works now and then integrate the new mechanics in later because these will be a huge part of HSN3 (it'll be a whole lot easier to do that than try to learn everything at once). Link teams, of all shapes and sizes, are going to be much more popular for sectorial armies and even vanilla (can have access to fire teams using EVO hackers), so it'd be good to learn how to effectively use and counter them now.
    • Here's a wonderful summary of fireteams and explanation of what they all do by the staff of Corvus Belli themselves: Fireteams Strength Through Unity
Fireteam, move out!
  • Master the troops you have currently
    • Very few troops actually changed their old roles entirely, so master them now and they'll become a whole lot better when they receive their updates in the upcoming book. Of course, not every unit will receive an update. If the unit/troop was in the core book, then don't expect much of an update at all, but anything that wasn't specifically mentioned as part of the core book can expect noticeable and sometimes even drastic improvements or changes.
Remember this guy? Yeah, he's a lot different now and arguably better
  • Learn what the currently leaked new units can and will do
    • We've seen lots of previews of upcoming units, so learn what's coming and if your meta's okay with it, test drive some of the new units. These new trooper profiles really fill in some holes for their sectorials and even some in their vanilla faction, so you can definitely expect to see them; come prepared
    • You can find a list of them at the bottom of this post.
  • Get familiar with Army 6
    • Army 6 will be your guide for almost the rest of your Infinity career, so learn how to use it now before you try to make lists with all of the cool new things and then you realize that you don't understand what's going on.
  • Read about Tohaa and Steel Phalanx/ALEPH
    • If you don't already have a Tohaa or Steel Phalanx/ALEPH player in your meta and you expect to travel for tournaments or events, then learn what these factions are currently capable of and be prepared to see more of them. Begin to start breaking down their units and special rules, so you can learn the new rules or modifications the new book will provide.
      • Specifically read about Tohaa symbiomates/bombs as well as Tohaa Triads and Steel Phalanx's Greek fireteams.
    • Don't exactly read everything in-depth though, since a lot of it is changing (especially with Tohaa), just read it all to get a basic understanding and go from there once the book finally hits the public

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