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Tactics: How to Hunt What You Can't See

The number one problem for many new players is how to deal with camouflage and friends. It's a tricky lil thing and can really ruin the game for some people if you don't have a general sense of what to do. Camo can be a powerful tool and your worst enemy.

A few of the general ways to deal with camo include: discover, intuitive attacks, sensor, MSV1+ and mines. Of course there are more than the ways I've listed, but these are normally what I use or have seen used against me, so I'll elaborate on them. Infinity is a complex game with multiple angles to approach one topic, so feel free to explore some other ideas!

P.S. I'll do faction specific camo counters when I cover the factions and other general tactics for them.


Probably the no-brainer strategy is the common Discover skill. Every troop can declare it and every troop has a relatively good chance of discovering what they need to thanks to typical WIPs of 13 or higher (sorry PanO), at least until you count all of the modifiers. First you have to take into account the range, then you have to account for the camo/impersonation modifiers, visibility modifiers from different zones (i.e. Nimbus zone) and lastly any modifiers from cover. If you can catch your target in the open then it's definitely worth a try!
If you see 10 or more of these (camo markers) across the table, use something besides discover

The best part is you can declare it as an ARO too. Setup multiple AROs, have one troop attempt to discover and have the other wait for the marker to reveal. That'll put them in a real pickle, I promise!

Another trick is that you can use Discover in conjuction with shooting on the active turn and you can even pick different targets. If you're just going to shoot with the order and nothing else, then you might as well try to discover while you're at it too (of course this may not always be the best course of action). Sniper's up high, sees a camo marker in the open and there's a juicy target you want to shoot. Declare a discover and shoot action; disocver that open camo marker and shoot the target for a double-whammy. You can also discover and shoot the camo marker too, but only if you successfully discover the rascal.

Intuitive Attacks

Oh boy, probably one of my favorite ways to deal with those little buggers (but sadly not the most effective)! Get yourself into position with a weapon that has the Intuitive Attack trait, such as flamethrowers and most direct template weapons, succeed at a WIP check and then roast that dirty camo marker! Can't recamo when your kit's been roasted, now can you Cutter? Something else that's cool about intuitive attacks is that you can use it with mines too! Just have to succeed at the WIP check though.
Roast 'em with FREEDOM!

A few downsides with this tactic though:
  • If you fail the WIP check, then that trooper can't attempt another intuitive attack until their next turn
  • It's an entire order skill (ugh), so can be really order extensive to setup and implement
  • Leaves your troop vulnerable. Camo marker could retaliate, shoot you and knock your trooper unconscious
Use this tactic for when the camo markers are already in your face and use it when you have another troop to help cover the intuitive attacking trooper to protect them from retaliation.


By far one of the better options and I absolutely love it. Sensor grants a couple of cool tricks: an automatic +6 to discover rolls against camo of any type, the ability to "sensor" within 8 inches (Zone of Control, ZoC), with a +6 to WIP to discover all camo or TO camo within the area and the ability to perform Triangulated Fire.
Sensor bots can be your best friend, or worst enemy
The +6 to all discover rolls is super nice. That almost by its self makes sensor totally worth it! Otherwise it's the same as the discover ability above. It also grants the ability to use Sniffers which functions as the sensor skill below, but it's a deployable piece of equipment.

Best example of Triangulated fire you can painful
The sensor skill is used as a short skill and is absolutely wonderful for when you have to deal with a bunch of camo markers within the ZoC of the model (or sniffer) at a +6 to their WIP to discover Hidden Deployment, camo and TO camo and the best part is you don't count any penalities that camo or TO camo incurs! It's a wonderful skill...if you can get close enough without dying or using too many orders, that's the catch.

The really nice part of sensor: Triangulated Fire. It's an entire order and a -3 to your BS stat, but you can shoot anything you want as long as you have Line of Fire (LoF) without taking into account any, and I mean ANY, other penalties. So, you can shoot your viral combirifle 46 inches across the table to shoot my Cutter, TO T.A.G. that's hiding in cover. Normally this would be a -15 to your BS, but now it's only -3 and you still get full burst! The biggest problem here is the fact that not everything with sensor has a good gun (or a gun at all) that'd make this ability worth it. Second is the fact that it's a whole order. Not that bad compared to what you can get accomplished, but it can hurt in some niche scenarios.


An absolutely wonderful piece of equipment that comes in three flavors: MSV1, MSV2 and MSV3.

MSV1 is great for when you have to deal with just regular camo. It negates vision-based penalities up to 3 (so, if it would be a -3, now it's 0 and if it was a -6, it's a -3 now).

MSV2 ignores vision-based penalities up to 6 (so, screw you TO camo and ODD!) and allows you to see straight through smoke. A super nice piece of equipment, if I may so say myself.

MSV3 is extremely rare, but definitely the best. This visor allows you to auto-discover any camo tokens, it ignores all vision-based penalties, ignores the Surprise Shot penalty and ignores the penalty from Surprise Attack in CC too.
The MSV3 jerk himself
The only downside of a MSV-equipped trooper is the cost of the equipment and how niche it can be. It's not every time that you absolutely NEED an anti-camo, niche unit in your army and they sure aren't cheap, that much is for sure.

There are plenty of ways to combat camo and camo spam (albeit not always the most effective approach), so try a few out, make your regular opponent use camo against you while you and them learn some new tactics. I also recommend looking around at what your faction offers in MSV1+, sensor, sniffer, your own camo and flamethrowers and start using them more frequently in hopes of perfecting the art of hunting what you can't see.

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