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Kazak Tactica pt. 2: What Goes Bump in the Night

Finishing up the Kazak tactica page I started, here we will delve into the WB, SK and remotes available to the Kazaks:



The great Ariadnan hunters and Dawn's natives

This fearsome hunting pack includes one controller and a trio of Antipodes. Now, the tricky part is that the Antipodes must stay with Zone of Control (8 inches) of the leader of the pack; however, the controller can be placed anywhere you want. I will say try to keep the controller from being hacked or shot by E/M ammo or the control device will perish and the wolves will run away (on a 11 or higher).

The Antipodes themselves can be used as a utility choice to aid your troops as counter-charging, discovering camo or as general deterrents. The other option is to use them as a homing missile. Pinpoint what you want dead and then send the pack in to eliminate the target. I will say that they don't do too well against enemies who really excel at close combat, that's where the wolves kind of fall apart. Also, try to avoid losing wolves until you reach the target or they've accomplished their mission. Just like with the control device, if you lose a wolf from the pack, they have to take a WIP test - 3 (again, 11 or higher and they fail). Another point to make is when you have one member of the pack left, they immediately freeze up and pee themselves (the lone member enters the Immobilized-2 state and can't be repaired) since they have no friends nearby anymore.

---Controller (10, 0): One of the rare ways to get smoke in a Kazak force and crucial for the antipodes to work at peak efficiency (since they are mandatory). Up above you can find more information.

---Antipodes (5, 0): Can only (and must) take three per team, but they are definitely a terrifying thing to behold. Look above for more details.


Fierce and ready for combat!

Transforming werewolf men who don't take no crap or smack from nobodies! Ariadna may not have a TAG, but these ferocious troops come close to it! Watch out for viral or monofilament based weapons though because they will tear your Dog-Warrior apart!

Other than that, super-jump all over the place, use chain rifles to force your opponent to make tough decisions (should I dodge or shoot that blasted thing?), smoke to help you get where you need to be without getting shot by everyone and their uncle and lastly, grenades for speculative firing on your opponent with crazy odds of successive. If the range aspect does work for you, don't be afraid to run them into hand-to-hand where they will definitely cause some damage or lock up a vital target (it's really funny when your opponent's Jotum is stuck punching a Dog-Warrior who seems to never die).

Consider them your shock troopers, flankers and vanguard: they can absorb hits thanks to Total Immunity, they are extremely agile with their high move stat and super-jump and they will be your first assault troops thanks to extremely impetuous, so use them first to take out the scary threats.

---Standard (27, 0): Extremely cheap for what it does, but takes some practice to fully utilize them. Check above for more information.


Not exactly Irmandinhos, but close enough

If I was to write a sonnet to anyone in the Infinity universe it'd first be the Veteran Kazak followed by these crazy Galician pirates.

The're pretty much a Dog Face (a Dog-Warrior in human form) with the added ability of being an engineer, d-charges, Booty Lv. 1 and Scavenger. Do I have to say anything else or are you already sold? No? Well, how about when I tell you that these wonders can get an additional 4 ARM and then loot themselves a multirifle? Or, you see that Impersonator marker over there? Send in Fernando the Imrandinho to discover it (or have someone else discover if he fails) and then kill it, loot the shotgun and begin wreaking havoc. Or, my personal favorite, roll an automedikit on an already cheap and durable engineer platform. ITS was never so fun before! One final point, you can roll for booty and scavenge the same weapon for dual-wielding capacities.

---Rifle (14, 0): Probably not really worth it over the Chain rifle version. The guy can barely shoot already, but if you can get a target in the sweet spot of the rifle, it'll be an unwelcome surprise. Still an interesting choice if you want a violent, up in your face engineer who gives zero craps what happens to him.

---Chain Rifle (8, 0): Pair this option up with your Dog-Warriors and you've got a fantastic little team of violent, template shooting, mobile, smoke-tossing, frothing terrors. Can't shoot anything since he's restricted to a template, but make good use of his smoke and he'll arrive just where you want him to. Did you think you'd only get hit by two templates from my Dog-Warrior? Sorry, but you're mistaken, it's actually three thanks to my little Galician buddy here too. Hands down my favorite option for these guys and a staple for any of my lists. I LOVE these guys!

---Boarding Shotgun (16, 0): Is it really worth the 8 points more than the Chain rifle? I don't honestly know, but I'd much rather take two chain rifle specialists over one with a boarding shotgun, especially since they both have the same relative range bands. This is probably my least favorite option for these guys, but if you find yourself needing another shotgun this is definitely a good platform to put it on.



Generic name, super awesome troop

The workhorse of the Kazak army. If you're not using a Scout in your Kazak lists you're more than likely doing something wrong. Carrying versatile and diverse loadouts really makes these folks shine as one of the better skirmishers in the game (maybe I'm biased...I do love my Kazaks!), but definitely one of the most expensive ones too. Use them wisely don't EVER sacrifice them. They aren't Pawns, so don't use them like they are. Think of them more or less as Bishops and treat them as such.

These ghosts of Ariadnan legend pack the basic tools of a skirmisher (camo, infilfration and mines), but also adds in d-charges (for most loadouts) and Marksmanship Lv. 1 to really make sure those shots hurt when they hit!

---Standard (29, 0): a powerful short range “sniper” that will make a mess of the midfield. They can drop antipersonal mines or d-charges and fire an AP, shock weapon that has a +3 range from 8 – 32”. A menacing threat to any target, but for one point more you might as well take the Forward Observer option.

---Boarding Shotgun (25, 0): Do you like shotguns? Do you like infiltrating? Do you like camouflage? You’ll absolutely love this loadout! An effective place for the boarding shotgun since they can get up to midfield in most missions no problem and then start shelling stuff with their boomsticks (shotguns)!

---E/mauler (29, 0): Same as the standard loadout except you lose antipersonal mines for an E/mauler; the Kazaks only source of electronic warfare (unless you count Wardrivers). Now this can be really really dirty. Isolating and immobilizing-2 any enemy HIs, HI link teams, REMs or TAGs can be extremely painful, especially if they forget to pack any engineers to fix the Imm-2. An infiltrating E/mauler with one of my favorite guns in the whole game? Yes please! Makes a great pair with a standard or FO version.

---AP Sniper Rifle (29, 1): An excellent choice if you need an AP sniper, but a little overshadowed by the Spetsnaz. Loses d-charges, but will definitely make your opponent think twice about moving in front of this Scout’s field of vision. No one wants to take an AP, shock shot straight to the face. Also comes with mines, so you can protect the sniper from any sneak attacks. A great sniper all in all that still has a role even when compared to the Spetsnaz.

---Forward Observer (30, 0): The Scout has so many good choices, so it’s hard for me to flat out recommend this one, but thanks to its AVA 3 you can definitely find room for it. This is probably one of the better specialists available to the proud Kazaks and still carries an effective kit to get almost any job done. I would definitely strongly suggest that if you’re going to take a Scout, to take this loadout.

---Lieutenant (29, 0): A camo Lt. that doesn’t cost SWC? Heck yeah! This is definitely one of my favorite Lts. for sure! It’s highly resilient with camo (unless your opponent can negate camo) and has a great kit to get any mission done per your orders as well as being able to benefit from the Lt. order effectively.


Traktor Muls

The more missiles, the better...
or at least that's what my babushka always said 

Great for cheap orders and spending SWC when you don't have enough to buy Tankhunters or Spetsnaz, but not the most reliable. There's a reason why they're so cheap and it's because they can barely hit anything and they can't take a beating without getting wreck almost immediately. On the plus side though a 6 point order (counting the Mul Control device from the Dozer) is wonderful for the Kazaks who struggle with orders and the weapon versions are absolutely deadly when they hit, I mean utterly destructive! The trick is hitting though.

They work best when you utilize good FO choices like the Veteran and Scouts or have FO's en masse. Light the targets up and then fire Russian rain down on your foes! Just have to watch out for hacking devices though because they can utilize the U-turn program and really mess up that guided shot (especially when multiples of them use it!).

---Minesweeper (5, 0): A cheap order that can always ruin any opponent’s day that relies on mines. When I use Muls, I mostly only use one of these little guys for the cheap order and only if I was already going to take a Dozer. When it comes to Kazaks, any cheap order is a great one!

---Katyusha (11, 1): A powerful artillery battery, if you can hit and stay alive. Range bands aren't that great, so you'll probably almost always use the guided version of it. One shot of DA ammo, but at least it's a circular template on whatever you hit. This is more of a siege unit rather than an actual assault unit. You need to blow a door open/crate/a door through something? BOOM! Little Katie's got your back! Another use for this option would be for eliminating any heavier targets you find standing around, especially a heavy infantry or dogged/NWI link team. Throw in the Wardriver to give it shock from supportware and you've got a massive headache for your opponent.

---Uragan (18, 1): Again, a powerful artillery battery, if you manage to hit and stay alive. A terrific choice for destroying clustered groups and link teams of single wounded models or use the single hit mode to eliminate any heavily armored targets (loses the blast template, but gains another point of damage). Probably the better of the two artillery batteries with it's triple burst, shock/AP ammo and circular template, if you ask me. Only problem is hitting. If you plan on only using them for their guided options, than you might as well just stick with the Katyusha and find some points for the Wardriver, but if you don't plan on using the guided options (I honestly don't know why you wouldn't) then this is by far the better option for your tastes. Also, this version comes with Total Reaction, but with a BS10 I don’t see it being that much help. It does make for a good roadblock or deterrent. The Uragan can easily be the bane of your enemy's order pool as you strike from afar destroying any order generators they have standing around.

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