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Kazak Tactica part 1: The Light, the Medium and the Heavy

Here we go, the first part of my blog Kazak tactica! Here's a link to the one I wrote for the forums, but I will write new unit entries on the blog here.The loadouts will, sadly, just be copy and pasted from the tactica. Hope you folks enjoy and learn a little more about some of my favorite troops in all of Infinity!

P.S. all pictures are of my own models.

Light Infantry

Line Kazaks

Line Kazaks! Assemble!

The humble and quintessential part of every Kazak list. These valiant troops will be in every list you make and they will be extremely important. For 9 points you get a trooper who has fairly decent stats with no point bloat, like some of the basic troops from the other factions. With 10 points you can buy a Forward Observer, 11 points buys you a Paramedic and you can take them as your lieutenant.
I can't stress this enough; don't let the fact that they only cost 9 points discourage you. These folks are pivotal in any list. Sometimes I take three, four or five of them in one single list! Never leave home without a couple of Rodina's finest soldiers in your list.

----Standard Line Kazak (9, 0): As already stated, these guys are great for an extra order and the cheap effectiveness they bring to the table, but I would suggest spending one point more and just using them as a Forward Observer instead. They are definitely a cheap and humble line trooper compared to the other sectorials in Ariadna and even compared to Line Infantry in some of the other factions. Really you should only use this option if you don't have the points or if you're paranoid about losing your Line Kazak Lt, so you enlist this trooper to cover for the Lt.
---Light Grende Launcher (13, 1): Interesting choice just for speculative fire bombarding your opponent. Given the plethora of FOs we can take per list, this is definitely a worthy consideration, if you have the points and SWC leftover.
---Sniper (16, 0.5): Do you need a cheap sniper? Look no further! Sure they don't have marksman of some level nor do they have an incredible BS like some of their comrades, but a cheap sniper IS a cheap sniper. Definitely don't expect the poor fella to last too long though, he'll more than likely get out sniped and very quickly.
---Missile Launcher (17, 1.5): We are Kazaks and we like making things go boom. The only problem is this unit will more than likely lose in most situations where you'd apply a missile launcher and it's a bit expensive SWC wise to be used with a lowly Line Kazak. This very well could be an interesting choice when the sectorial comes out though, until then if you want an ML, then you should probably just go with the Tankhunter one.
---AP HMG: (23, 1): HMGs aren't as effective as they once were, so you don't really need too many folks toting them and this is one HMG that won't last very long as well as the fact that it's kind of expensive for the stats it's being used with. Could be a great choice in the sectorial for a Line Kazak link team though!
---Forward Observer (10, 0): Probably one of the best uses for the humble Line Kazak. One point more than the basic troop and now he's (or she's) a specialist with flash pulses and can mark targets for your other units. Trust me, nothing sucks more for an AD unit then getting two flash pulses to the face and immediately becoming blind. These guys make for great specialists and awesome deployment zone guards. I almost always have two of these in my lists every time.
---Paramedic (11, 0): You feel like you need more patching up choices rather than just the noble Doktor? Well, here's a cheap way to fix that problem! I'm personally not a big fan of these guys or medikits in general, but if I have the points left over and don't already have a doctor or a better paramedic, then they always somehow weasel their way into my lists.
---Lieutenant (9, 0): So, my line trooper doesn't cost SWC to be a lieutenant? Holy snaps, that's awesome! If you don't want an obvious Lt. and you have a few others to cover up his trail, then she/he makes a great sneaky lieutenant. After a lot more playtesting and trying things out, this is by far one of the BEST Lt. options for the Kazaks. Stuff him in an corner where you'd put any order monkey and even if your opponent figures it out and lands a successful assassination run, then good for them, they deserved it. Only problem, they just wasted (hopefully) a bunch of orders to get there and take them out. Sways things much more in your favor instead of marching your Lt. up-field with the other Kazak Lt. options and losing them on your own terms. Might as well make your opponents works for it rather than handing them your lieutenant.

Kazak Doktor

Wow! So many tools!

Ah, yes. The Kazak doktor. We Kazaks might be tough, but even we require doctors to bring us back to the front when times get tough. However, it's pretty much just a regular Line Kazak who costs 4 points more and has his MD.

I will say that this lil fella will be very important in ITS (Infinity Tournament System) missions of any shape and size. He's our only doctor (not counting the 112 because screw that guy! He's not a Kazak!), so be careful with him and use him sparingly. He will more than likely be a high value target, so keep him safe and keep him secret. He'll probably only have one chance to do his mission, so make sure you get him there safely. Guard him with smoke, Veteran Kazaks or camo troops. Nothing makes me sadder than losing this brave spirit.

---Standard (13, 0): Already described above, but he carries a rifle, a medikit and an MD, what else did you expect?


Fix 'er up real good, Dozer style

Who you gonna call when you break all of your stuff, need something fixed or want to run Traktors Muls (detailed in the upcoming post later this week)?! Dozers! These troops are your primary engineer choice who aren't afraid of being shot at or shooting and are willing to get the job done no matter what.

To be completely honest, I've almost never used a Dozer to do -actual- engineering. I use them primarily for ITS and doing classified objectives. I will say the moment you need them though you'll be happy you have them! For instance, your Veteran Kazaks are technically susceptible to E/M types of ammo (meaning they can be locked up and placed in the Immobilized-2 state). Other than that, Dozers are used for detonating d-charges, sometimes trying to do missions, providing a regular order and taking Muls for the rare occasions you decide you need one in a list.

---Standard (13, 0): The same price as the Doktor, but he has courage and d-charges to boot. A humble choice for a specialist and d-charges with a nice rifle as well for when things go awry and they need to shoot something.
---Mul Controller (14, 0): You should only be taking this option if you plan on using Muls, other than that it’s the same as the standard Dozer.
---Akrylat-Kanone (14, 0): I love this profile! It doesn’t cost any SWC, but you essentially get an RPG that can glue any opposition you come across and can still detonate d-charges, although this loadout doesn’t come with them. I would always recommend this choice over the standard one if you have one point leftover, it’s always a beautiful moment when the humble Dozer glues down an enemy T.A.G. and there’s no way to fix it and then you have one of your many sources of d-charges boom the thing to death or you just let it sit then reflecting upon its poor life decisions.


One shot, one kill

One of the greatest killers known in the entire Human Sphere. As soon as they troops were finally introduced, I knew Kazaks were the one for me.

This troop comes in two variant types that I will coin as the parachuter and the sharpshooter.

The parachuter is your classic Infinity paratrooper, except a lower tier of it (you have to decide which table edge this deadly killer walks on from during the deployment phase, no picking yet and yes, you have to stick with your choice...cheater). They also have Mimetism (wonderful defensive ability) and Marksmanship Lv. 2 which makes every shot of theirs Shock (instant kill on 1 wound models) and allows you to ignore the negative Ballistics modifier when shooting a target in cover. Add that bonus to a boarding shotgun and you have a template that can ignore all the effects of cover and instantly kills 1 wound models that can immediately start the game on your opponent's half of the table! Shnikies! Also, the parachuter can take a rifle which makes for a mean defensive or offensive unit in your opponent's face. Use suppression on that rifle and watch as your opponent becomes immediately flustered! Also, one more thing, the Spetsnaz also comes with Martial Arts Lv. 2, a Close Combat skill and, just for the parachuter, an Armor-piercing Close Combat Weapon. What this all translates into is that the parachuter is great at chopping up some enemies AND he has stealth, so you can creep around assassinating people! Sounds fun, right? Trust me. It is. Oh! One more thing, frag grenades. Enemy was being silly and clustered their troops too tightly and you’ve gotten a Spetsnaz coming in? You do you partner, but I would totally frag the snot out of ‘em!

The other, no lesser, variant of the Spetsnaz is the sharpshooter. This Spetsnaz totes around some heavy guns (a HMG or Sniper rifle), leaves the frags at home as well as the armor-piercing sword, but now he brings his camouflage gear. Now, let me expand on that new gear this soldier’s found; not only can the Spetsnaz enter the camouflage state, he can also deploy a second one that acts as a decoy until the Spetsnaz reveals themselves. Nothing like some mind games and then taking a Spetsnaz sniper shot to the back while they spend their turn trying to discover a decoy. Not only that, but thanks to Marksmanship Lv. 2 you can now have a shock HMG that ignores the minus BS from cover (almost everything is in cover nowadays)! Imagine all of the frail little specialists you can keep from scoring objectives while this deadly ghost sits on his perch. An absolutely beautiful sight, comrade.

---Ambush Camo Sniper (34, 1.5): a terrific option to eliminate enemy snipers, to take out specialists, to cripple your opponent's orders or simply just for some long range fire support. If anything, a little on the expensive side SWC wise for a sniper rifle, but he'll get the job done for sure. Look above if you want further details.
---Ambush Camo HMG (38, 1.5): by far one of the best HMG options in Ariadna and the only standard HMG choice in the Kazak forces. An excellent option when you know you need to mow down a bunch of weaker, horde lists, or in general if you know you need an HMG. Look above if you want further details
---Parachutist Rifle (31, 0): a cheap Spetsnaz and a good option if you like having some range, but still want a parachutist in your army. Makes for a terrifically cheap Kazak ninja option with a solid range option thanks to the rifle. Look above if you want further details
---Parachutist Boarding Shotgun (33, 0): This option is simply terrifying no matter how you look at it. Get in close and blow apart any opposition. Seriously, if this guy gets within eight inches of you, you’re dead one way or another from shotgun shells to pointy metal. Look above if you want further details.

Medium Infantry


Walk softly and carry a big gun

Spetsnaz are your scalpel and these troops are your hammer. Probably one of the Kazak’s more iconic and loathed troops, these troops carry the big guns the rest of your Kazaks wish they had and the rest of the Human Sphere quickly learned to fear.

Not only do they carry some pretty impressive firepower, they also have d-charges and camouflage to help them blow up, sabotage and destroy anything that stands in the Kazaks’ way to victory! Only problem with them is the fact that they’re 4-2 MOV which is slower than a typical troop (4-4), but they more heavily armored than the rest of your troops (Armor 3, only unit with more armor than them is the Veteran Kazak).

---Standard (25, 0): Comes with an adhesive launcher, an AP rifle and d-charges; a classic kit for wreaking havoc. Glue down what you can’t kill with the rifle, run up and then plant d-charges. This is a terrific loadout for its price and something any enemy of the Kazaks should fear.
---Missile Launcher (29, 1.5) A cheap and effective missile launcher option. This is probably one of the best places to put the missile launcher with the Tankhunters incredible ability to stay alive and stay cool under fire; however, this loadout is the only one that doesn’t have d-charges sadly.
---Portable Autocannon (34, 1.5): A unique weapon in Infinity that’s a beautiful mistress of destruction. If you know you need some heavy armor demolished, then take this option and I promise you won’t regret it. Burst two, AP + EXP ammo types for a potential 6 wounds on whatever with half of its armor and heavy penalties to react back thanks to camouflage. Excellent hunters and terrific protectors, I love this option. Someone thinks they're going to sneak up your flank and there's a lonely camo marker, they probably think, "Oh, it's just some cheap whatever, it can't do anything to my armored behemoth". You reveal this beautiful gun and watch as terror consumes your opponent's face. Definitely stopped a few flank attacks myself with this piece and destroyed a few T.A.G.s too.
---AP HMG (35, 1.5): Probably not the best choice for an AP HMG, albeit an affordable version, especially when compared to the Veteran Kazak and the Spetsnaz (albeit not an AP one) running around. Still, it’s a viable and powerful choice for any list if you need more HMG, d-charges, and AP ammo or don't want to pay for a Veteran. Really this option shines in Nimbus zone when the Autocannon isn't going to be much help or whenever else you know you're going to be doing some armor hunting, but you need some burst rather than power.
---Lieutenant (25, 1): The same as the standard loadout, but it’s a Lt. and costs one SWC. Not a bad Lt. option if you have the SWC to spend. It’s a great option, really, I just hate that it costs SWC. This is actually one of my top three Lt. choices for the Kazaks.

Heavy Infantry

Veteran Kazak

"We Veterans are the best; vodka and Teseum, guts and glory."
-Lt. Pyotr Sannikov (Infinity 3rd Ed. Rulebook)

Last option for today, but by far the best and most important: the Veteran Kazak. I already wrote a beautiful entry (ode) for them in my tactica on the forums, so I’m just going to copy it here. There’s no way I could ever do them any better justice than I already did:

These are my favorite troops in all of Infinity, hands down. These models single-handily brought me into Infinity and their profiles alone were enough to make me realize I wanted to play Kazaks...and only Kazaks. They’re tough, they’re resilient, they’re strong, they’re versatile and they’re powerful. One huge shortcoming for these glorious soldiers is the vulnerability to the Immobilized-2 state of E/M sources. Due to their lack of BTS to start with, they have no "armor" against it and if it goes through it will lock the poor Veterans up like a dog's mouth filled with peanut butter. The only way to fix this state is by using an engineer (Good ol' trusty Dozer!) to spray some WD-40 to get their armor back up and running. Not only that, but keep an eye out for viral too. Viral will eat away the Veteran's No Wound Incapacitation, dropping them dead on the spot. Be wary of E/M and Viral types since these are essentially the Veteran's biggest weaknesses and can make that high price tag seem worthless.

They have ARM 4, Veteran Lv. 2 (Valor: No Wound Incapacitation, Sixth Sense Lv. 2), Shock Immunity, the inability to be hacked and Mimetism. They can almost always react against your opponents' attacks/actions, which makes for some great sentry pieces. All in all, the Veterans are one of the toughest soldiers you will ever find within the Kazak ranks and even on the surface of Dawn.
Think of them more or less as your Swiss army knife; they can perform multiple roles and they can do all of these roles very effectively. They can setup defensive positions and lock areas down, they can hunt camo, TO camo with flamethrowers, they can score objectives, they can launch terrifying assaults and they can effectively lead your force from the front as your lieutenant.
Personally, I always add in a Veteran to EVERY list. They're my bread and butter. If I have the points for it I try to take two in most lists (One damage orientated one, like the AP HMG or T2 and a specialist), but usually it depends on the rest of the list.For sure I'll add in a T2 rifle bare minimum and I'll add another one, upgrade the T2 to AP HMG or both depending on how I feel.

---Standard (37, 0): Toting an AP rifle, a light flamethrower and a heavy pistol, this loadout can deal some damage up to the medium engagement length without fear. Definitely worth the investment, no doubt about it, but some of the other loadouts might be a better choice if you have the points for them.
---AP HMG (47, 2): This is one of two loadouts (not including the AP HMG Lt. loadout) that loses the flamethrower sadly, but definitely makes up for it with all those bullets. This is arguable the best HMG option within the Kazak force. It’s a great offensive and defensive choice, especially if you utilize suppression fire.
---Boarding Shotgun (35, 0): The other loadout that loses its flamethrower. If you like shotguns, you’ll love this choice. This is Veteran loadou I honestly don’t really see being all that useful compared to the other choices due to their low availability. Maybe in a link team when the sectorial comes out and when they get a higherAVA.
---Forward Observer (38, 0): One of the best specialist options in all of the Kazak force and probably one of the best in all of Infinity, if I may say so myself. Typical Veteran Kazak mixed with forward observer, what more could you want? A higherAVA, but that’s beside the point.
---Paramedic (39, 0): Another great specialist opportunity and the paramedic label on this troop can actually be worth it. They’re great shots, so they’ll make sure that medikit hits, you just need to be strong enough to endure the treatment which we Kazaks are! Personally, I’d still take the FO option over this one (especially with Muls), but I definitely see the use of it whenever the sectorial releases and there’s the option for Veteran link teams.
---T2 Rifle and X-visor (38, 0): Same as the standard loadout, except he traded in the rusty old AP rifle for a T2 one and gained a visor. This new rifle gives the Veteran the chance to wound up to six times and engage out to 32 “ with no negative effects. This also makes for a fantastic suppression fire turret, besides the HMG, and I’d argue that it’s probably the better of the two, especially when mixed with that visor. Definitely worth the extra point over the standard almost every time.
---Standard Lieutenant (37, 0): Same as the standard loadout, but now the Vet.’s barking the orders to the rest of the team. Definitely not a terrible choice for a Lt, but with an AVA of 2, I can’t see myself taking this one until the sectorial hits with a bump in AVA and a link team option, hopefully.
---AP HMG Lieutenant (47, 1): Not only does it provide a SWC discount, but you can utilize the Lt. order to its fullest potential on this resilient platform for maximum damage. Be careful though, the Veterans might be tough, but this is Infinity; everyone can die from anything. By far an excellent and sturdy Lt. choice as well as allowing you to take more big guns. I will say you should be very careful with this Lt. though. Try not to use him too aggressively and end up losing him, but do make sure you utilize him to some extent or there really is no point in using him. Use him for suppression fire to defend objectives, secure objectives in cover or defend your deployment zone. He shouldn't be all the way into the enemy's side of the table unless you are extremely confident he won't be heaving over any time soon.

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