Tuesday, February 23, 2016

ITS 2016: What's the Haps and How it Looks

For those who haven't heard yet, the new tournament season is out! It's out of the oven and ready to be devoured and it brings to light a few new tactics and tricks that players will now have to adapt to stay number one (ITS 2016 rules):

  • There a few missions that specifically ask you to kill more specialists than your opponent, but you need those specialists to accomplish the missions. This brings up the question of is more or less better and are cheaper, less durable or are expensive and resilient specialists better. Maybe we'll finally see a slight shift away from camp spam FO or cheap, general specialists, but only time can tell.

  • One mission is dedicated to hunting your opponent's Lieutenant (over and over, in fact) and this information is open for EVERYONE. Your Lt. is already identified, so now you have to guard and protect them while hunting your opponent's. Hopefully this will deter people from taking weaker Lt.s and hiding them, but encouraging tougher, bolder ones.

  • Missions are now put into groups based on their overlying mission requirements and parameters that they require (i.e., is it all about shooting folks up, getting some intel, or shooting people and getting intel). Not really sure how many tournament organizers will be following this format, but I expect to see some use it and I expect it to be part of ITS 2017 when it gets here around August.

  • Some of the missions might be named the same as ones from 2015, but you might notice some slight changes. Some of the missions (like Quadrant Control) allow you to cash in one of your Classified objectives for a new effect called "Intelcom Card" and it changes per mission. Sometimes it might be worth cashing these in for the extra benefits and other times it might be better to take the Objective point for completing the Classified objective. Now there's even more to gamble on in this season.

  • There are also a few missions currently missing, so expect new ones coming in the near future.

Overall, the new missions seems really exciting and fun. I can't wait to start playing them and I can't wait to see what the new missions bring! ITS 2016 will definitely be fun and different than any other ITS season before it. Expect a fuller breakdown of the season in the next few weeks.

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