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Introduction to Infinity

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"Why play (blank)? Ah, yes. The great question all gamers and hobbyist ask themselves when considereding a new game. Philosophers have spent years trying to crack this existential question; however, I am no philosopher or a palm-reading, but I can tell you a few things about Infinity and see what you decide from there:


Infinity is a sci-fi, tabletop, skirmish game that implements 28mm scale models. In this game you play as the out of sight leader of a black-ops/spec-ops squad that typically consists of 10-20 troops as they go on deadly missions to achieve several goals for their factions and whatever allegiances they support. The setting is a few hundred years into the future as humanity has already reached the stars, but a hostile alien force sits on edge of known space of the Human Sphere and waits to launch a massive assault. Will you aid humanity, size with the alien foe, say screw it all and do your own thing or join the plethora of other factions fighting for their own reasons? Think of it as a space opera with heavy influences from history, anime, pop-culture, Xcom, STALKER, action movies, tropes, stereotypes, etc. 
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This game uses a plethora of tokens, a typical amount of 5d20s (that's the most you will ever need for yourself, you can make do with only three), a tape measure, models, and usually an electronic device that has access to the internet and the ability to read pdfs is a great idea. Notice how I didn't say anything about books, right? You can buy the books of you want, but ALL of the rules of the game are for free as downloadable pdfs and the army/list builder is too (now you understand why I mentioned the electronic device)!


The game is very similar the Xcom video games (the newer versions), but to compare it to another tabletop game would be a slight disservice. It's kind of unique in the way it uses d20s with stacking modifiers to your dice (very similar to a classic RPG like DnD), but also uses a micromanagaing system by making you budget a pivotal resource called "orders": every troop in the game provides a particular type of order and these can be used to activate your troops and do certain actions depending on the type of order it is and every order has two parts to i; for example, you can move and shoot or move twice.
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Where the game gets really unique is the concept of "active turn" vs. "reactive turn". When you are the active player you are spending your orders wisely and efficiently attempting to accomplish your current in the best manner you tactically can. As the reactive player, you are attempting to survive and eliminate your opponent as they move into your crosshairs, this is called an ARO (what I like to call an Automatic Response Order or reaction). To better explain and using my example from above, I, the active player, use an order to move. I love out of cover and in front of the reactive player's sniper rifle (not my best idea). The reactive player can now choose an ARO such as shoot or dodge. Once the ARO's declared, I can continue with the rest of my order. Sounds exciting, huh?

That's pretty much the down and dirty of Infinity and what it is. If you're interested or are already playing the game and looking for some good information or nice beginner tools/websites, check these out:

-Infinity official website

-Infinity forums

-Infinity Wiki

-Infinity Army builder (the official one)

-Captain Spud (a great guy who makes fantastic reference materials, etc.)

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