Friday, January 29, 2016

First Post, First Bit of Business (and last cheesy post title): Kazaks and Introduction Proper

Let's get this straight right now; I started playing Infinity for the Kazaks. This is what the name of this blog is about and that's what I'll start with. Don't worry, it won't be entirely Kazak related, I promise, but one can only fill up so much information in a tactica before it gets cumbersome, so, in turn, this will be my sweet love child to discuss all things Kazak as well as all things Infinity in my life and mind. Look forward to articles about general tactics, Kazaks, Hassassins, Tunguska, Tohaa, Caliphate, USAriadna, speculations, wishlisting, fun missions, battle reports, things I've painted (possibly even tutorials), discussions on the RPG, and what not. There will be a whole lot of material in due time and it'll be a wide scope of things, I promise. However, until then:


Who, what and why?

Anyway, Kazaks! Something drew me to them like a fly's drawn to bright, destructive light when I saw these models and they were (when I started) some of their oldest models to date even. I just loved the aesthetic and the ability to play really butt kicking, lost forgotten human survivors who've spent many years perfecting the art of survival and beating up some dirty, high-tech loosers (aliens included).

Take S.T.A.L.K.E.R, mix it with Metro, toss in some stereotypical Russian things (Spetsnaz, lots of vodka, seasoned, cool soldiers) and add in a pinch of "rugged people fighting for their rights and ability to live happily," and you've made the perfect concoction for the base parameter of the Kazaks in Infinity.

The perfect mix of heavy armor, tough as nails resilience, deadly efficiency, and lots of vodka
In turn, they lack the advanced technology that every other single faction in the game has, but we have a few things to make up for it: camouflage, amazing skills and some really heavy duty guns.

How do they play and why do you like playing them so much?

If you really have to ask this question then you should just slap yourself right now. I guess it's understandable, but still. Maybe instead of a full slap, just a baby slap? Either way, the Kazaks are the elite troops of Ariadna (the whole lacking cool tech faction), so they bring some very interesting toys with them onto the table. They are great on the offensive with troops like the Spetsnaz, Dog-Warriors, Antipodes, Tankhunters and the like, but kind of lacking in defensive play. Secondly, they are the masters of "kiting" or "shoot stuff, then run and hide". Use your giant freaking armor piercing guns to kill vital targets first and then move into position to take whatever you needed for the mission.

On top of our awesome guns and great offensive abilities, we are a courageous group of soldiers. Almost every model we have is courageous meaning they won't run and hide when the heat gets really hot (or that they will whenever they need's not retreating, it's just a tactical advance backwards). Our troops are brave and unwavering.

Another great asset is our ability to have so much freaking camouflage! Almost every model allowed in a Kazak army has some form of it, be it actual camouflage or just mimetism (don't worry, I'll include an introduction to Infinity article very soon for those of you who don't know much about it). 
This comes in really handy when trying to hide valuable troops and trying to launch the perfect ambush or alpha strike.

It only takes one shot when a Spetsnaz is shooting
Lastly, another perk of playing Kazaks is the access to unique and wonderful skills such as Veteran Lv. 2 (only troop to have this is the Veteran Kazak and they are incredibly awesome for it) or Marksmanship which allows your bullets to hit those sweet little noggins and make sure your targets are dead and even deader than they would be if someone else shot 'em.

Why should we not play Kazaks?

Of course, why not?! They sound freaking awesome and overpowered, right? Well, not quite. In Infinity there are factions, for example, Ariadna, Nomads, Haqqislam, Tohaa, etc. and then under each faction there are subfactions called "sectorials". For example, Haqqislam has two sectorails currently; Hassassins and Qapu Khalki. Ariadna has three of them; USAriadna (or now called USARF), MRRF (the French) and Caledonia (the Scots and English), but notice how I didn't say Kazaks? Anyway, the main benefit of playing the whole faction is the diversity of the troops and profiles you can take while the strength of playing a sectorial is being able to play a more "fluffy" army, increased availability of certain troops and the ability to form squads know as "link teams" or "fireteams".
In Soviet Russia, wolf-man eat you!
Kazaks are not an official sectorial yet, so they don't get any of the benefits of playing like one, but they get all of the disadvantages. In other words, you must really like Russians to play Kazaks and you must be really willing to paddle your boat up a waterfall. They aren't easy to perfect when it comes to playing right now, but they sure are a hoot and a holler once you get them down pat! For instance, Kazaks currently have a very slim amount of available troops, no increased availability of those troops and no ability to form links to enhance their efficiency as well as being some of the most expensive troops in all of Ariadna, so they have that elite feel to them (with all of the weaknesses and strength you get with that).

That's the down and dirty of Kazaks folks! Pretty broad explanations and concepts, yes (did this turn into a college Philosophy class all of a sudden?), but I promise things will make more sense as we go along here. Look forward to my next article where I'll break down some of the different available troops to the Kazak forces and soon a brief introduction to Infinity the Game as well as all the resources you'll need to start playing and learning the game!


  1. Keep it up Kyle. Welcome to the blog circuit. :-P

    1. Thanks for the encouragement Kevin! Don't you worry though, there'll be a whole lot more where this came from ;)