Thursday, February 1, 2018

LVO 2018 - The Gopnik of the West Returns

As is the fashion these days, I’m going to do a brief writeup of my recent participation in LVO 2018.

Once again, the event was held at Bally’s casino, with people travelling from all around the world. For us though, and representing with a bigger local presence, 5 of our locals got together for a few days of hardcore gaming!

Oh and once again, I was the only Ariadna player!

- Dawn Represents!

Morning of and I look pretty shattered, but thankfully I was waking up at home at least so I could try a bit of impromptu cosplay...

Friday, October 20, 2017

Running a Local Tournament - One Warcor Event at a Time

Recently I had the pleasure of running a small local tournament for the first time as a Warcor! Despite my placement and the event itself being nothing special, I was chatting to Pride of Rodina afterwards who said I should do a writeup on what it was like to organize such an event, and showcase any advice I might have for other people who are looking at organizing events of their own in the future.

For once, being no expert on the matter is the perfect position to be in, as most of us at some point in our tenure as a gamer find ourselves organizing (or helping to organize) amateur local events, and a writeup of the whole process might make an interesting bit of reading. So, while I’ll preface this by saying that I’m relatively new to organizing little tournaments, I think sharing my experiences as a Tournament Organizer (TO) might help some of you out there who are looking at doing something similar in the future.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Arizona Armageddon - The Great Vegas Infinity 2017 Roadtrip

So as I promised to both my locals and the fans of POR alike, I wanted to do a writeup of our trip to Arizona Armageddon II… complete with many photos!

- Boom!

Being from the Vegas meta, a little weekend roadtrip seemed like exactly the kind of thing we all needed to kick off some gaming this fall, and what better than to head to a major national tournament here in the Southwest. 63 attendees made this one of the bigger infinity tournaments this year, so we were all very excited to be going down, duking it out with some of our rivals from the other states, and hopefully coming away with some sweet prizes.

- And speaking of prizes, look at that impressive collection!  

Monday, August 28, 2017

The Qapu Khalqi Project - Part 1 (Overview and Odalisques)

Well with Gencon now behind us and having a moment to breathe as a result, I figured it was high time I got started in the first part of my article series, talking about my journey with Qapu Khalqi (QK) and all the juicy discoveries, tactical thoughts, and progress I’ll be making as I delve into the sectorial.

Now some of you may have gotten a hint of things to come when I mentioned my charity project for QK, and efforts on that front have been seriously productive. Thanks to a healthy amount of donations (and more welcome by the way), winnings, store credit and profits from a decent online trade, I’ve managed to secure myself a decent-sized QK army… all without spending a penny. Once we’ve hit about $250 worth (and we’re very close to that goal), I can make a decent-sized check out for the same amount to Spread the Word here in Nevada and support a local charity so we can all feel good about having done something for a good cause!

But that’s enough about the project itself, let’s talk about QK itself.


QK is an interesting beast. I’ve noticed that ever since the drop of Human Sphere N3 (HSN3), much of the chatter on them has really died down into the background. This is quite surprising for an army that once won Interplanetary (2014) and still make a decent showing in many tournaments.

In fact, in many ways this is definitely a testament to the “new shiny syndrome” that many gamers suffer from, because there is absolutely nothing wrong with the sectorial in any competitive sense, and yet perhaps due to the relative sparseness of recent releases for them, discussion is at an all-time low. A cursory glance at the Haqqislam forum shows most posts relating to QK dated back to 2014-2015, with a few sprinkled through last year and even fewer this. What’s going on?

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Goodbye for Now

Greetings comrades!

Kyle, the Pride of Rodina here. It's with a very heavy and vodka-infused heart that I announce I'll be stepping down from Pride of Rodina and as a member of the larger Infinity community. My personal life has taken a bit of a turn away from wargaming for now, while I focus on my personal life and my career. Thank you to each and every comrade who's supported me and PoR since the beginning. You people are the best kind of people out there. I'd buy you a shot of vodka if I could. Thank you to all of you who've bought merchandise and who've helped me keep PoR afloat and allowed me to donate prizes to events and do our special giveaways every once and a while.

Now, don't get all teary eyed and act like I'm dying! I'll be back, this isn't a permanent thing. However, I can't tell you when I'll be back. Just know, someday I'll return. You'll smell blin and vodka in the distance and you'll know that I'm returning. Until then, I'll leave PoR in the hands of the capable writers that have helped make it exactly what it is today. I'll still be around to do things behind the scenes and occasionally say something about Kazaks and how much I love Veteran Kazaks, Scouts, and Antipodes.

That's it for now, comrades. Pride of Rodina, signing off. May your bottles never run empty and may your dice roll crits a'plenty. See you next time.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Tactics: Bringing the Right Tool (Gun) for the Job

It's been a while comrades! I've received a lot of requests to do a piece about different weapons in Infinity and when/why to bring them, so we're going to take a trip down to the shooting range and try out a few of these rascals:

There are a few different classes of weapons: ARO, Active Turn, Counters, Long Range, Short Range, and Mid-range.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Pulpi Talk: TR Bots

Welcome back for another Pulpi Talk!

This time we're trying something a little different to hope to provide you guys with regular weekly content and something with a bit of a more casual fun "discussion" format. Each week, the team and I are going to chat for a little bit about a given topic in infinity, chime in with our thoughts, and talk about how it influences our gameplay on the tabletop.  

So this week's topic will be: TR bots - Yay or Nay?

  • How do you guys use them (if you do).
  • How do you support them? (Engineer? Hacker for MM:L2?)
  • Any particular factions/sectorials where you think they excel?